98 adverbs to describe how to fastened

That night, after my sister had gone to bed, I went 'round to all the windows and doors on the ground floor; and saw to it that they were securely fastened.

While his back was turned the Boy brought a tin plate, still in good condition, set it down at Mac's place, planted a nail on end in the middle, and with three blows from a hammer fastened the plate firmly to the board.

Each wore a necktie of the college colors and it was fastened as tightly as strong thread could hold it.

The shutters of the lower story were tight fastened, as though bolted from within.

" Michael now drew back a pace or two, keeping his eyes fastened on the other intently, for he actually expected to see some prodigious and sudden change in his appearance.

Sometimes carelessly they fasten their eyes on a young man whom they meet at church, at a ball, during a walk, or no matter where ...

A heavy sea struck the port, the carronade, insecurely fastened, had recoiled and broken its chain, and began its terrible course over the deck.

A neatly fastened bandage held in place, above one ear, a wad of cotton once saturated with arnica, now dry.

He fastened a small block to the lower inside of each corner.

By far the most abundant was the little bundle of silicious rods, fastened together loosely at one end, separating from one another at the other end, and the whole bundle loosely twisted into a spindle.

Their tunics were left unbuttoned, their scabbards and helmets stained with dirt, and their harness badly fastened, so that they might look the part of deserters, without order or discipline.

He had tried to get the grittiness of the sleepless night out of his eyes, and had shaved and dressed himself with the greatest care, telling himself it did not matterbut the good habit was deeply fastened on him and could not be set aside.

To this I hastily fastened the paper, and passed on to avoid observation.

His eyes fastened greedily on her beauty, caressing the two bare arms, encircled with rings of metal, gliding along the curve of the hips below the high girdle, plunging amid the brown locks that waved above the brow and were tied back with three white fillets; they clung to the moving lips and the white, moist teeth that ever and anon flashed in the glare of the footlights.

Relentlessly the clutching grasp fastened tighter and tighter about him like steel bands, and settled lower and lower until his legs were clasped and he could move no farther!

In that work I remember he states that a finger-print affords evidence requiring no corroborationa most dangerous and misleading statement which has been fastened upon eagerly by the police, who have naturally been delighted at obtaining a sort of magic touchstone by which they are saved the labour of investigation.

Morse turned to the girl, fastened his eyes on her steadily, and waited.

These cables were riveted soundly in the solid rock of the cliff at one end and fastened as safely to the stone walls of the château at the other.

Then they turned the cross, and fastened his feet upward and the head downward.

The invalid had kept her eyes sternly fastened upon her young niece ever since the beginning of the interview.

But isn't it possible that your sleep might be worth two months' wages to you, Mr. McGuire?" "H-m-m," growled McGuire, and his little shifty eyes fastened keenly on her.

There it lay, the ill-omened platform of dark greasy boards newly fastened together, but evidently used often before for the same purpose.

Luckily, this was not fastened with anything but a hook, which he could easily push up with a rod.

The choir move through their notes as if some of them were either fastened up hopelessly in barrels, or in a state of musical syncope; the organist works his hands and feet as well as he can with a poor organ; the members of the congregation follow, lowly and contentedly, doing their best against long odds and the parson sits still, all in one grand piece, and looks on.

As the sap is collected twice a day, and as the blossoms, situated at the top of the tree, are forty or fifty feet above the ground, bamboos are fastened horizontally, one above the other, from one tree to another, to facilitate the necessary ascent and descent.

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