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98 adverbs to describe how to  fastened  - Adverbs for  fastened

98 adverbs to describe how to fastened

That night, after my sister had gone to bed, I went 'round to all the windows and doors on the ground floor; and saw to it that they were securely fastened.

While his back was turned the Boy brought a tin plate, still in good condition, set it down at Mac's place, planted a nail on end in the middle, and with three blows from a hammer fastened the plate firmly to the board.

Each wore a necktie of the college colors and it was fastened as tightly as strong thread could hold it.

The shutters of the lower story were tight fastened, as though bolted from within.

" Michael now drew back a pace or two, keeping his eyes fastened on the other intently, for he actually expected to see some prodigious and sudden change in his appearance.

Sometimes carelessly they fasten their eyes on a young man whom they meet at church, at a ball, during a walk, or no matter where ...

A heavy sea struck the port, the carronade, insecurely fastened, had recoiled and broken its chain, and began its terrible course over the deck.

A neatly fastened bandage held in place, above one ear, a wad of cotton once saturated with arnica, now dry.

He fastened a small block to the lower inside of each corner.

By far the most abundant was the little bundle of silicious rods, fastened together loosely at one end, separating from one another at the other end, and the whole bundle loosely twisted into a spindle.

Their tunics were left unbuttoned, their scabbards and helmets stained with dirt, and their harness badly fastened, so that they might look the part of deserters, without order or discipline.

He had tried to get the grittiness of the sleepless night out of his eyes, and had shaved and dressed himself with the greatest care, telling himself it did not matterbut the good habit was deeply fastened on him and could not be set aside.

To this I hastily fastened the paper, and passed on to avoid observation.

His eyes fastened greedily on her beauty, caressing the two bare arms, encircled with rings of metal, gliding along the curve of the hips below the high girdle, plunging amid the brown locks that waved above the brow and were tied back with three white fillets; they clung to the moving lips and the white, moist teeth that ever and anon flashed in the glare of the footlights.

Relentlessly the clutching grasp fastened tighter and tighter about him like steel bands, and settled lower and lower until his legs were clasped and he could move no farther!

In that work I remember he states that a finger-print affords evidence requiring no corroborationa most dangerous and misleading statement which has been fastened upon eagerly by the police, who have naturally been delighted at obtaining a sort of magic touchstone by which they are saved the labour of investigation.

Morse turned to the girl, fastened his eyes on her steadily, and waited.

These cables were riveted soundly in the solid rock of the cliff at one end and fastened as safely to the stone walls of the chรขteau at the other.

Then they turned the cross, and fastened his feet upward and the head downward.

The invalid had kept her eyes sternly fastened upon her young niece ever since the beginning of the interview.

But isn't it possible that your sleep might be worth two months' wages to you, Mr. McGuire?" "H-m-m," growled McGuire, and his little shifty eyes fastened keenly on her.

There it lay, the ill-omened platform of dark greasy boards newly fastened together, but evidently used often before for the same purpose.

Luckily, this was not fastened with anything but a hook, which he could easily push up with a rod.

The choir move through their notes as if some of them were either fastened up hopelessly in barrels, or in a state of musical syncope; the organist works his hands and feet as well as he can with a poor organ; the members of the congregation follow, lowly and contentedly, doing their best against long odds and the parson sits still, all in one grand piece, and looks on.

As the sap is collected twice a day, and as the blossoms, situated at the top of the tree, are forty or fifty feet above the ground, bamboos are fastened horizontally, one above the other, from one tree to another, to facilitate the necessary ascent and descent.

Stephen's eyes fastened hungrily on the sight.

There was no reply, and he rushed headlong to the hatchet (it was a hatchet), secured it where it lay among some wood, and hurriedly fastened it to the loop as he made his way out into the street.

A heavy beam descended over his neck and wrists, and fastened him down immovably; while, amid the exulting shouts of the spectators, his ears were nailed to the wood.

And while this is going on and while the expert animal men are preparing to get back into its cage the tiger which, it was learned afterward, had got out through an imperfectly fastened door, time will be taken to tell new readers something about Joe Strong and the series of books in which he is the central character.

But it seemed indifferently fastened, and her hair was in disorder.

The car is about two feet long and eighteen inches broad, and is laced to the hoop by cords, which running through loops instead of being fastened individually, allow of unlimited play, and equalize the application of the weight of the car to the hoop, as of the whole to the Balloon above.

But since the Gorham case, the work of settling authoritatively, if not the meaning of doctrines and of formularies, at any rate the methods of interpreting and applying them, has been briskly going on in the courts, and a law laid down by judges without appeal has been insensibly fastening its hold upon us.

His eyes fastened themselves involuntarily on his mother's gloves, which were black.

Two berths, sometimes four, were fastened laterally on these walls, frames running up to the center of the A held the guns, while lines stretched across from above served as wardrobes for such garments as could be hung up.

Long before this I had cut that which surrounded the lock, so that it lay like a flap, over it, fastened down lightly, however, with gum-arabic (part of Ernie's draught for a catarrh), so as to baffle slight inspection.

[305] Literally, "having fastened [on his person] the four mirrors.

We all sat silently; Titbottom's eyes fastened musingly upon the carpet: Prue looking wistfully at him, and I regarding both.

We left him securely fastened up 'n the fust chamber.

His cope was all of Lyncolne clothe so fyne, With a gold button fastened neere his chynne; His autremete was edged with golden twynne, And his shoone pyke a loverds mighte have

"It's fastened outside.

Sometimes a Cirro-Stratus cloud comes along and fastens itself to it parasitically.

The arrow-heads of chert used for hunting are peculiarly fastened, in order to make the arrow revolve.

I have mentioned that the children should be classed: in order to facilitate this, there should be a board fastened to the wall perpendicularly, the same width as the seats, every fifteen feet, all round the school; this will separate one class from another, and be the cause of the children knowing their class the sooner.

The more wealthy among them are drained and dried by the leeches that perpetually fasten upon them.

Sometimes it seems to me as if I were hunted by a Providence that, not satisfied by the logic of facts that contain in themselves a Nemesis, took a special delight in fastening personally upon me.

Conroy promptly fastened upon the other.

The two above scrambled down, laughing, and Yellow Hair took from the dead Wolf a necklace of claws and fastened it proudly upon his own person.

The simple household was untroubled by the fear of burglariously-disposed intruders, and the door was rarely fastened until after dark.

Frazer and I had many talks about these events, but we could fasten on to nothing real in the situation except danger.

She had finished packing the basket, and she fastened the lid regretfully.

Restlessly her imagination fastened on this solution of the problem, and tortured her in vain efforts to decide what would be right under such circumstances.

See page 85 "We get a good idea of the strength and durability of this wood from the fact that there is an old wooden church near Ongar, in Essex, the nave of which is composed of half logs of oak roughly fastened by wooden pegs.

The door had been slightly ajar, but both the windows were wide open; one of them, which had the sash-line broken, had been fastened up most scientifically with a piece of rope.

Nevertheless, there was no counter-movement, the ice remaining in the Great Bay seemingly as firmly fastened as if it had originally been made there.

Your outer doors, front and back, are of heavy wood, chained, locked, and bolted, often double locked and bolted; but your lower windows are closed in the first place by the lightest kind of shutters, which are very seldom fastened at all, and in the second place by a little contrivance connecting the two sashes, which is held in place by a couple of baby screws.

Neil was similarly fastened, with his face turned partly toward him.

There was no question about his being glad; he surprised his servant by whistling as he put on his white waistcoat, and fastened the buckle rather more snugly than usual.

One early dawn, Madame Delphine, with a small empty basket on her arm, stepped out upon the banquette in front of her house, shut and fastened the door very softly, and stole out in the direction whence you could faintly catch, in the stillness of the daybreak, the songs of the Gascon butchers and the pounding of their meat-axes on the stalls of the distant market-house.

It is shocking indeed to be fastened speechless upon a rack, and to be charged by uncomprehending souls with counterfeiting emotion.

Shakspeare had a mind predominantly emotive, the intellect always moving in alliance with the feelings, and spontaneously fastening upon the concrete facts in preference to their abstract relations.

Every one of those schemes of frenzied finance about which we are reading in these days is a gigantic bloodsucker, with ten million minute tentacles which it stealthily fastens upon the people who do the world's work, and each one of the victims must give up a little of his life for the aggrandizement of our financial Titans.

His diamond-buckled shoes, his gaiters, and his scarlet inner vest were successively fastened by noble courtiers, each keenly jealous of his own privilege, and over the vest was placed the blue ribbon with the cross of the Holy Ghost in diamonds, and that of St. Louis tied with red.

Muttering a suppressed but deep execration against the perfidy of his confederate, he shrunk as much as possible behind the fluke of the anchor, and fastened his eyes sullenly on the ship.

"Hawser"once written halseris from the Baltic stock,the rope used for halsing or hauling along; while "painter," the small rope by which a boat is temporarily fastened, is Irish,from painter, a snare.

" The Signor Grimaldi had pursued his walk, with eyes thoughtfully fastened on the ground; but he now raised them, in surprise, to the countenance of his friend, as if to ask an explanation.

" Jack Diamond drew himself up, his eyes fastened threateningly on Frank, and said: "Sir, you had the impudence to kick my dog, and when I remonstrated with you, you insulted me.

"Around the wall of the building on the inside are fastened many perches where the birds can sit, and another such convenience should be contrived from poles set on the ground and leaning against the walls and tied together with other poles fastened transversely at regular intervals, thus giving the appearance of the rising degrees of a theatre.

Hers had now become the mechanically saccharine voice which sardonic time ultimately fastens upon the professionally sympathetic to make them known and mocked of all, even of the vainest seekers after sympathy.

Capper's long, yellow hand fastened very unobtrusively and very forcibly upon his shoulder.

Till in the woods one evening Ah! eyes as dark as they, Fastened on mine unwontedly, Grey, and dear heart, how grey! NAPOLEON "What is the world, O soldiers?

Here, for instance, is a letter which has been opened after being fastened upapparently by the aid of steam.

Then they turned the cross, and fastened his feet upward and the head downward.

Well, as I looked towards it, I was surprised to see projecting above the bush, and fastened apparently to the tree, a pair of fine riding boots with the toes upwards.

Behind the wire at a point on the beam midway between the supports a steel scale graduated to hundredths of an inch is fastened vertically by means of thumb-tacks or small screws passing through holes in it.

"So Mr. Calvert has read my secret, as I read his," said Monsieur de Talleyrand, slowly, and returning the gaze which Calvert had absently fastened upon him while revolving these thoughts.

Zealously did he fasten on the worms, slap them with his hand, and spit upon them, and then fling the line into the water himself, gracefully bending forwards the whole of his body.

He was afraid that the glances of those men of the sea might fasten themselves accusingly upon him.

The canister is then closed by a lid, and afterward securely fastened down by the top of the chest.

Each of the larger ships hare ten small boats for fishing and other services, which are fastened aloft on their sides, and let down when wanted for use.

The allusion however so appositely and wisely put, like an arrow directed to the mark, had fastened upon his conscience, and was secretly undermining the strength of long and obstinately-cherished resentment.

Agony came in and sat down on the hall seat "There's so much to tell, I think I'll begin at the beginning," she said, and Sahwah stood still with her eyes fastened on Agony's face apprehensively.

You see, it 'ud do away with the present system of putting wooden blocks in the chairs now usedthis would fasten the sleepers and rails together automatically.

Her hair unkempt, her bodice hanging in tatters from her shoulders, her patched and threadbare petticoat barely fastened round what should have been her waist (and a waste it was) by a hook and eye held by a few threadseven such as this, up the path she came.

Icy torpor coldly fastens On my hands; the lute drops from me, And my very breath departeth.

And sure enough Dick, gravely arming himself from the store in Rosa's "catch-all," set to fastening the big buttons as composedly as if he had been brought up in a tailor's shop.

At last the shepherd discovered him, and cunningly fastening a rope about his neck, tied him up to a tree which stood hard by.

But he told his Nashville story so franklyand then became so panicky with surprise when my questioning showed him that his alibi was rottenthat we must not fasten definitely upon him" "Except to be pretty darn sure that he knows more about it than he has told." "Yes.

Miss Milligan, dressmaker in private life, with a discreet swiftness, twitched the blouse and skirt into place and deftly fastened it.

"Somebody at camp deliberately fastened that kettle of stones to the bottom of the canoe to make it hard for you to paddle.

Their plan is to gather a few handfuls of flax, which they soon twist into a very good substitute: with this material they formed slings, with which they dexterously fastened our moveables on their backs, and set off at a good trot, calling out to us to follow them.

Fixed in the floor of the tank are 144 posts, 9 inches thick at the bottom and 6 inches thick at the top, to support the crown of the holder in such a way that the tops are fixed in a kind of socket, each of them being provided with four horizontal bars, which decrease in thickness from 305 by 100 mm. to 150 by 50 mm., and represent 16 parallel polygons, which in their turn are fastened diagonally by means of iron rails 63 by 100 mm.

So Mars Walker tuk'n tied Dave up en gin 'im forty; en den he got some er dis yer wire clof w'at dey uses fer ter make sifters out'n, en tuk'n wrap' it roun' de ham en fasten it tergedder at de little een'.

Ain't Bessie my own sister's child?' An emaciated hand stole out of the bedclothes and fastened feebly on his arm.

" The Colonel fastened one hand feverishly on his pardner's arm.

The head was accordingly severed from the body at a single blow; and as it touched the earth, the teeth fastened themselves furiously in the ground.

The public wrath and indignation fastened henceforth upon Law, the author and director of a system which had given rise to so many hopes, and had been the cause of so many woes.

They extended from the bank into the river one raft two hundred feet long and fifty broad, which, fastened higher up by several strong cables to the bank, that it might not be carried down by the stream they covered, like a bridge, with earth thrown upon it, so that the beasts might tread upon it without fear, as over solid ground.

Thou hitst it home, where thou doost fasten holde; Nothing can separate the love of golde.