54 adverbs to describe how to favours

" "They certainly contrived to render the religious rites as little pleasing to the senses as possible, by aiming at a sublimation that peculiarly favours spiritual pride and a pious conceit.

In order to show what might be expected from their prosperous arms, they made incursions from London, and laid waste the king's parks and palaces; and all the barons, who had hitherto carried the semblance of supporting the royal party, were glad of this pretence for openly joining a cause which they always had secretly favoured.

But, Palurin, what may I deem of thee, Whom neither fear of gods, nor love of him, Whose princely favour hath been thine uprear, Could quench the fuel of thy lewd desires?

Now, let me tell here also, lest it be thought that I was unduly favoured because of my friendship with the Master Monstruwacan, that there was a sound justification for his choice, in that to me had been given that strange gift of hearing, which we called Night-Hearing; though this was but a fanciful name, and meant little.

Yet, powerfully as these considerations favour the military triumphs of France, there is a period when we may expect both cause and effect will terminate.

It ran: To H. A. BEECHAM, Esq., Five-Bob Downs Station, Gool-Gool, N.S.W. Sir, Your favour duly to hand.

what an idea!""Then you must be strangely favoured," says your mystified companion; "for since Citizen Theiz has taken possession of the Post-office, the communications are stopped.

The Whites accused them of secretly leaning to the Ghibellines, and the Blacks of openly favouring the Whites; who being, indeed, allowed to come back before their time, on the alleged ground of the unwholesomeness of their place of exile, which was fatal to Dante's friend Cavalcante, gave a colour to the charge.

I might mention Bishop Saunderson and others, who bore a testimony equally strong against the lawfulness of trading in the persons of men, and of holding them in bondage; but as I mean to confine myself to those who have favoured the cause of the Africans specifically, I cannot admit their names into any of the classes which have been announced.

"Thou mayest well rejoice, then," observed another of the guests, "to bear the name of one so holy and pure, and so eminently favoured by the happy Gods.

Boys are notoriously rich in it; with them it takes two formsthe loquacious and the awkward; and in some exceptionally favoured cases the two forms are combined.

And did she reserve her favours exclusively for him?

The tide fortunately favoured our making an early start.

And thou, most dread Octavius, which oft 35 To learned wits givest courage worthily, O come, thou sacred childe, come sliding soft, And favour my beginnings graciously: For not these leaves do sing that dreadfull stound*, When giants bloud did staine Phlegraean ground; 40 [* Stound, time.]

When the morning paints the skies, When the sparkling stars arise, Thy high favours to rehearse, Thy firm faith, in grateful verse!

Chancehe did not call it chancehad favoured him incredibly thus far, and if he failed to follow the guidance that had been vouchsafed him he would prove himself but an unworthy vessel.

It has, as it appears to me, indirectly favoured Arianism and Socinianism.

" There was a practice in many Scottish houses which favoured most injuriously the national tendency to spirit-drinking, and that was a foolish and inconsiderate custom of offering a glass on all occasions as a mark of kindness or hospitality.

How long he and his companion could find the means of subsistence in a place so barren, was merely matter of conjecture; but so long as Providence should furnish these means, was it highly probable that solitary and little-favoured spot was to be their home.

We are all pretty done, but luckily the weather favours us.

Grant has been marvellously favoured by the weather, for the rain, which arrests all movements here, stopped the day before he moved out of Pey-tang, and began again about an hour after he had taken the Taku Fort, which led to the surrender of the whole.

"Chalk," said Mr. Tredgold, meditatively "Chalk favours the South.

"They possessed no real knowledge of the fine arts, and these were merely favoured like other foreign fashions and inventions of luxury.

This gives a secret Delight; for Imitation is a kind of artless Flattery, and mightily favours the powerful Principle of Self-love.

The effort to break up the Triple Alliance has momentarily favoured the Italian policy of expansion.

54 adverbs to describe how to  favours  - Adverbs for  favours
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