10 adverbs to describe how to fiddle

"Like!" say I, evasively, casting down my eyes, and fiddling uneasily with one of the buttons of his coat, "it is hardly a question of 'like,' is it?

I rose, laid a few pieces of silver upon the table near me, and departed, while the old man continued fiddling eagerly.

I overheard a young lady of my acquaintance, at a dance in Edinburgh, exclaim in a sudden pause of the music, "What you say, my Lord, is very true of love in the abstract, but," here the fiddlers began fiddling furiously, and the rest was lost.'

Certainly it seemed suicideunless it were one of those accidents that will occur to people who fiddle ignorantly with firearms.

But now we seem to have settled down comfortably to sleep again, and are content to fiddle melodiously on delicate instruments.

Still the fiddler fiddled on composedly as if his life had been insured.

"They're second fiddle partsnot the parts for you, Duchess.

After Shorthouse had once tasted the delights of publication and the pleasures of fame he wrote too much, and fiddled rather tediously upon a single string.

reply I, uncomfortably, fiddling uneasily with a paper-knife that I have picked up, and trying how much ill-usage it will bear without snapping, "an immensity!

I would have kept a dancer, and a whole consort of Musitions in mine owne house, onely to fiddle thee.

10 adverbs to describe how to  fiddle  - Adverbs for  fiddle