260 adverbs to describe how to fighting

W. instantly put off the party, said there was no question of politics or a Bonapartist princeit was a Frenchman killed, fighting bravely in a foreign country.

The Indians were fighting desperately to keep us from reaching their village, which being informed by couriers of what was taking place, was packing up and getting away.

For a while its lords elected a king as the Germans did; and gradually the title became hereditary in the Capet family, the counts of Paris, who had fought most valiantly against the Northmen.

Many have gone of that group,Casimir Perier, Leon Say, Jules Ferry, St. Vallier, Comte Paul de Segur, Barthelemy St. Hilaire,but others remain, younger men who were then beginning their political careers and were eager to drink in lessons and warnings from the old statesman, who fought gallantly to the last.

"On our right and left the French have been fighting fiercely and have been gradually gaining ground.

These men who have fought so nobly for their land, and who have tasted, even under the most trying conditions, something of the largeness and gladness of a free open-air life, will, I hope, refuse to knuckle down again to the old commercialism.

In June, 1822, Captain Allen, of the United States schooner Alligator, successfully fought a band of pirates in the West Indies, captured one of their schooners, and recaptured five American vessels; but Captain Allen was subsequently killed in an encounter with the bold buccaneers.

It is only occasionallywhen ground down beyond endurance by the rent-racking classes above him, or threatened beyond endurance by an enemy from abroad, that he turns his reaping-hook into a sword and his muck-fork into a three-pronged bayonet, exchanges his fowling-piece for a rifle, and fights savagely for his home and his bit of a field.

Outside the Jaffa Gate was an Imperial guard of honour drawn from men who had fought stoutly for the victory.

There is a madness of peoples, which causes them for a while to hate each other with bitter hatred, to fight furiously and wound and injure each other; and then lo!

When he had thus disposed his soldiers he encouraged them to fight by the following speech, which he made to them: "O my fellow-soldiers, no other time remains more opportune than the present for courage and contempt of dangers; for if you now fight manfully you may recover your liberty, which, as it is a thing of itself agreeable to all men, so it proves to be to us much more desirable, by its affording us the liberty of worshipping God.

The bulk of the Roman army fought steadily and stubbornly, frequently repelling the masses of assailants, but gradually losing the compactness of their array and becoming weaker and weaker beneath the incessant shower of darts and the reiterated assaults of the vigorous and unencumbered Germans.

And the masters of the forests were more afraid of this solidarity than anything else in the worldand they fought it more bitterly, as events will show.

[-36-] The latter had previously been vigorously fighting Antony off.

They fought stubbornly, driving away the enemy; but their great lack of discipline promised in the end to defeat them.

LXXXVII.Caesar sends at first young Brutus, with six cohorts, and afterwards Caius Fabius, his lieutenant, with seven others: finally, as they fought more obstinately, he leads up fresh men to the assistance of his soldiers.

He saw at last that he had been fighting blindly from the first.

He would have fought Wesley openly, but he would never be one of a gang of murderers.

The division were fighting almost continually for a fortnight.

You have fought gloriously; act honourably towards your fellow-citizens and the world, and it will then no more be said, as has been repeated for two thousand years, with the Roman historians, that Philopoemen was the last of the Grecians.

They fought back resolutely and hard and while for a time they were combated by a fickle opinion, based upon sentiment, it developed within two months that the public had learned thoroughly the reasons for the organization of the new league and declined to lend it that support which had been predicted and expected.

He was then informed that I was an English officer, and if he would surrender I guaranteed his life unless he had committed some greater crime than merely fighting as a Bolshevik soldier.

The Lebanon would have fought for its independence as heroically as did the Belgians.

Apparently on the verge of losing the series after the Saturday game in Boston the Giants had gamely fought their way to a tie with Boston, and it was one of the pluckiest and gamest fights ever seen in a similar series, and just as the golden apple seemed about to drop into the hands of the New York players they missed it because Dame Fortune rudely jostled them aside.

As he rose, panting, to resume flight, a figure bounded out of the darkness behind him, and he gathered it in silently and went with it to the ground, where both fought silently in the dust until they rolled into the moonlight and each looked the other in the face.

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