7 adverbs to describe how to flag

It was known, too, that in a protracted contest the spirits of the Samnites gradually flagged, and even the bodies of the Gauls, remarkably ill able to bear labour and heat, became quite relaxed, and although, in their first efforts, they were more than men, yet in their last they were less than women.

In these circs., conversation inevitably flagged a bit.

We have all seen that the hunter hardly needs the touch of his rider's knee to be off like the wind and to go without urging from whip or spur on to the end of the chase; never flagging, no matter how long or hard it may be; never flinching at the deepest ditch nor fouling at the highest fence; straining every sinew to the last, for his rider's defeat is his own failure, his rider's success his own victory.

The eyes he saw were large, red-rimmed and troubled; tales and conspiracies flagged miserably.

"And the green flagthe flag of the Prophet" "The flag, oui, mon capitaine!

He entirely declined to respond to her coquetry, and she very soon found she must abandon this role; but she was nothing if not coquettish, and the conversation flagged uncomfortably.

When in the wilderness, he could outride or outwalk his guides, and could press on when hunger made his companions flag wearily.

7 adverbs to describe how to  flag  - Adverbs for  flag