57 adverbs to describe how to flatters

Her heart was soothed, and her pride secretly flattered, in recollecting that she had not suffered herself to be caught by one who was perfectly indifferent to her.

'DEAR SIR, 'I hope I do not very grossly flatter myself to imagine that you and dear Mrs. Careless will be glad to hear some account of me.

My last poetical productions (the Sonnets which are interspersed in this work) may perhaps be found even more imperfect than my earlier compositions; since, after a long exile from England, I can scarcely flatter myself that my ear is become more attuned to the harmony of a language, with the sounds of which it is seldom gladdened; or that my poetical taste is improved by living in a country where arts have given place to arms.

I fondly flattered myself that such would be the event: in the midst of my unlooked-for happiness, I scarcely recollected, or, recollecting, was disposed to yield but a small degree of credit to, the menaces of Mr. Falkland.

" I started to say that I felt terribly flattered that I had played the role so well, but I knew he would not understand.

You flatter yourself strangely, Mr. Garvald, if you think you are ever in my thoughts.

"Where do you find him flattering his countrymen, indirectly or directly, for a vote?

she exclaimed, agreeably flattered, but scarcely surprised by this information.

Dr. Bentley was mightily flattered on receiving a letter superscribed "To Dr. Bentley in England."

The man who flatters her delicately will be sure to win her esteem; and every woman might love the being possessed of the qualities she will not fail to endow him with.

Finally, as the soldiers could not hold out to march farther, in the winter time, too, and were at any rate going to have their hardships for nothing since he was minded to return to Armenia before a great while, he flattered the prince tremendously and made him many attractive promises, to get him to allow the men to winter where they were; he said that in the spring he would make another campaign against the Parthians.

Verty preserved a profound and respectful silence, which flattered the poet hugely.

she murmured, her eyes candidly admitting that she felt enormously flattered.

Curs'd be our thoughts, whene'er they dream of hope, Bann'd be those haps, that henceforth flatter us, When mischief dogs us still and still for ay, From our first birth until our burying day: In our first gamesome age, our doting sires Carked and cared to have us lettered, Sent us to Cambridge, where our oil is spent; Us our kind college from the teat did tear,[108]

But it was quite clear that the only impression her looks or her personality had made upon him was the slight one of having met and forgotten herhardly flattering to her self-esteem.

"But really, are you not immensely flattered at the reception you had?" "Yes."

True, she had seen dismay on his face at the moment of his declaration, but that moment was unique, and his dismay had ineffably flattered her.

So I replied that I was infinitely flattered and he said that he would send a message to Sir E. Lyons by Tuesday evening.

In our intercourse with others, we should endeavour to turn the conversation towards those subjects with which our companions are professionally acquainted: thus we shall agreeably please as well as innocently flatter in affording them the opportunity to shine; while we should acquire that knowledge which we could no where else obtain so well.

With feverish thirst and longing, he was drinking in the beauty of the Fairy Queen; and had not Simon Perkins been the dullest of observers, and the least conceited of painters, he must have felt intensely flattered by the effect of his work.

Kate, you need not flatter yourself that you have universal ability, clever as you are.

See on his future subjects how he smiles, Nor meanly flatters, nor with craft beguiles; But with an open face, as on his throne, Assures our birthrights, and assumes his own.

The mistress began, therefore, to disparage her personal charms, never speaking of her to Louis ("France," as she generally called him), except as "the little blowsy," while her ally, De la Vauguyon, endeavored to further her views by exerting the influence which he mistakenly flattered himself that he still retained over the dauphin, to surround her with his own creatures.

He who had been modestly flattering himself a few moments ago that he must take care not to go too far with this admiring little girl!

He was openly flattered and caressed, and if ever he got a large score at cricket, it was chalked triumphantly over the walls.

57 adverbs to describe how to  flatters  - Adverbs for  flatters
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