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15 adverbs to describe how to « flavor »

15 adverbs to describe how to « flavor »

  • This, to Sheila, whose omelette had been taught her by Mimi Lolotte and whose baked tomatoes, delicately flavored with onion, were something to dream about.
  • unsavory, unpalatable, unsweetened, unsweet^; ill-flavored; bitter, bitter as gall; acrid, acrimonious; rough.
  • And it has to be tender, and juicy, and finely flavored, so a person has to be particular about the feed the sheep get."
  • This wine is fine flavored, pétillant and wonderfully exhilarating.
  • "There's another thing that bothers me, Manuel," Dade announced humorously, when they three were seated around the pot of frijoles, the earthen pan of smoking carne-seco (which is meat flavored hotly after the Spanish style) and a stack of the tortillas Manuel's fat hands had created while he talked.
  • Now for breakfast, we had a hash of broken biscuit, salt meat and some shell-fish which the bo'sun had picked up from the beach at the foot of the further hill; the whole being right liberally flavored with some of the vinegar, which the bo'sun said would help keep down any scurvy that might be threatening us.
  • APPLE TOAST.Fresh, nicely flavored apples stewed in a small quantity of water, rubbed through, a colander, sweetened, then cooked in a granite-ware dish in a slow oven until quite dry, make a nice dressing for toast.
  • Sauces for puddings may be similarly flavored, by steeping cocoanut or bits of orange or lemon rind in the milk.
  • When sufficiently flavored, remove the onion with a skimmer, thicken the soup with two teaspoonfuls of browned flour, turn through the soup strainer and serve.
  • With bright bubblegum pink boxes holding uniquely flavored donuts inside and a website that calls itself your happy place,the business has built its reputation on being a quirky and inclusive shop with a late night crowd.
  • On the other end of things, a cheese board composed of mortadella, mozzarella, and pear slices would not be unpleasant, but none-the-less quite dull and uninteresting, lacking more aggressively flavored components.
  • The sauce may be variously flavored with a little fruit jelly beaten with the egg, before adding to the cream.
  • The New Moon in Scorpio, which occurs late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning depending on where you live), opens us up into Eclipse Seasona six week period of revelation and release that will be distinctly Scorpio flavored.
  • The soup is also excellent flavored with celery.
  • "These," said the Chief of the Ten, "fine grapes and wheaten bread, exquisitely flavored with a most precious powder, thou shalt presently enjoy in this presence,with the compliments of the Signoria, who have most carefully considered this repast,unless thou dost instantly make frank and full confession of thy deed and thine accomplices.

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