19 adverbs to describe how to flooded

The trail led through scattering groves of cottonwood most of the way, for it was bottom land, partially flooded in the winter season of rain, and, even in the driest and hottest part of the summer, marshy in places.

still with fond amaze Thy glorious deed each British eye surveys, Beholds thee still, on conquer'd floods afar: Fate's flaming shaft!

In an instant, all the air was full of rain, and a hundred lightning flashes seemed to flood downward, as it were in one great shower.

And not till that final signal of success reached her did Marianne give way to the hysteria which had been flooding higher and higher in her throat ever since those words of Hervey had arrested her in the clearing.

He delved a huge port for his paper fleets with an old shed door that served him as a spade, and, no one chancing to observe his operations just then, he devised an ingenious canal that incidentally flooded Lady Wondershoot's ice-house, and finally he dammed the river.

Every word he spoke was different from the language of other men; there was not a subject on which his richly-cultivated mind could not pour forth instantaneously a flood of fine fancies and deep intelligence.

The molten lead poured down in torrents, and not merely flooded the whole interior of the fabric, but ran down in a wide and boiling stream almost as far as the Thames, consuming everything in its way, and rendering the very pavements red-hot.

And with my mace and javelin, flood This dusty plain with foe-man's blood." Excited by his master's cry, The war-horse bounded o'er the plain, So swiftly that he seemed to fly, Snorting with pride, and tossing high His streaming mane.

CHAPTER XI THE RIVER FLOODS The Sierra rivers are flooded every spring by the melting of the snow as regularly as the famous old Nile.

The severed parts upon a bough he cast, To catch the flames; and when the rich repast Was drest; with flesh and marrow, savory food, He quelled his hunger; and the sparkling flood That murmured at his feet, his thirst represt; Then gentle sleep composed his limbs to rest.

"Besides, this town and all the towns between here and Brussels are being secretly flooded with papers printed in French telling the people that we have been beaten everywhere to the south, and that the Allies are but a few miles away; and that if they will rise in numbers and destroy the garrisons re-enforcements will arrive the next morning to hold the district against us.

The transepts and the greater part of the nave were similarly flooded.

The willows and button-wood trees at the back of the workshops were still smoking with sunlit mist, and the quiet, massive, pretty water looked like a sleepy mirror, as it softly flooded along to its work on the big, dripping wheels.

Bewilderment obstructed the way, and in his room before dinner he tried in vain to sort out the impressions that so thickly flooded him, though without any conspicuous degree of success.

Stir not a Pulse: and let my Blood, That turbulent, unruly Flood, Be softly staid; Let me be all but my Attention dead.' 'The whole City of Venice is as still when I am singing, as this Polite Hearer was to Mrs. Hunt.

The warm color flooded upward, staining crimson beneath the tan, and her body which had relaxed for a moment under the gust of his ardor protested anew.

Ay! boy, so shall my clouds melt fold on fold, Till glory flood my vision utterly.

Skale's personality was too close, and flooded him too violently.

We succeeded, however, in getting aboard a large boat, which was already engaged in carrying bread to the people in the most deeply flooded parts of the town.

19 adverbs to describe how to  flooded  - Adverbs for  flooded
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