30 adverbs to describe how to fools

"Damn that fool, Dorsey!"

"Then alas for thee, poor youthful fool, 'twere better I had left thee to thy death, methinks, for shethis wilful Helen" "My lord," cried Sir Fidelis, "nought will I hear to her defame!" "Fidelis, art a gentle knightbut very young, art fond and foolish, so, loving this light lady, art doubly fool!" "Wherein," saith Fidelis, "wherein, my lord, thou art likewise fool, meseemeth.

"Wal, calling to mind the kind of horse he rides, I should say he is about a half-mile off by this time, laughing to find out how cleverly he has fooled you chaps.

"I have been nicely fooled," she said in a low voice.

Thus craftily are we fooled by the Lords of Destiny, whose caprice it is to affect remoteness from us and a lofty unconcern for our poor little doings.

Somewhere,somewhere,love is in store for them,the universe must not be allowed to fool them so cruelly.

Pomfret, Poems (1699), Divine Attributes: 'Tricks to cully fools.' p. 249

" "You speak as if we had deliberately fooled you.

You ask anybody if Casey's easy fooled.

him-"Ye'll maybe think it's a bit mair than fooling ere

Most finely fooled, and handsomely, and neatly, Such cunning Masters must be fool'd sometimes, Sir, And have their Worships noses wiped, 'tis healthful, We are but quit: you fool us of our moneys In every Cause, in every Quiddit wipe us.

May fool 'em fust they know.

'Tis a goodly fool forsooth, yet with legs scarce so nimble as his wit, and a tongueha, a golden tongue to win all men to humour and good fellowship" "Enough!"

" Unless Nick was intentionally fooling me, he was not to be feared.

Lookit, you fool, is it likely after takin' the trouble to knock you down, I'd kick you besides?

No matter how big a fool the man was, I still wanted him at the helm."

Do'ee, co!" "'Melia Penaluna, you'm no better 'n a fool.

To be fooled publicly was worse than being robbed.

The younger and inexperienced the worker, the more readily is she fooled into believing that the more work she turns out, under a piece-work system, the more money will she earn, not only in that week but in the succeeding weeks.

The police were sadly fooled upon this occasion, and their position was not in any degree strengthened, when they angrily, and just as unreasonably freed their prisoner, as soon as they discovered her identity.

" With my head cocked and feeling as if I was doing something very fine, instead of being the most egregious fool south of Edinburgh, I marched on down the path with my new acquaintance at my elbow.

Why then, strike, fool, strikehere, i' the throat, and let thy steel be hard-driven.

And after being so tremendously fooled, in the case of Felix, about the degree of interest a man was feeling, I do not propose to take anything for granted which is not on the surface.

A sense of profound defeat, of being ultimately fooled and cozened by the subtleties of white men, filled Peter Siner.

" "Verily," nodded Beltane, "O verily fool am I, yet wise in thisthat

30 adverbs to describe how to  fools  - Adverbs for  fools