7 adverbs to describe how to fraying

His doublet, which on the present occasion was of green velvet, considerably frayed,for he was by no means particular about the newness of his apparel,was padded and quilted so as to be dagger-proof; and his hose were stuffed in the same manner, and preposterously large about the hips.

"It ought to have been blue-stained, generously frayed, and loose about the button, fretting his neck.

In one respect they puzzled methey were of conflicting genders, some feminine and some masculine, as if in Leavitt's loose-frayed imagination the mountain that beguiled his days and disturbed his nights were hermaphroditic.

Mr. Lewisham brushed his hair with elaboration, and ruffled it picturesquely, tried the effect of all his ties and selected a white one, dusted his boots with an old pocket-handkerchief, changed his trousers because the week-day pair was minutely frayed at the heels, and inked the elbows of his coat where the stitches were a little white.

he burst out, his hard-held patience momentarily fraying.

Table linen is often sadly frayed at the corners by being pinned so that all strain comes upon the corners, and if left to whip in the wind, is soon ruined.

O, I shall fray him terribly.

7 adverbs to describe how to  fraying  - Adverbs for  fraying