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Moreover, from causes that we cannot stop here to explain, the cliffs about these middle-aged lakes are seldom of the massive Yosemite type, but are more broken, and less sheer, and they usually stand back, leaving the shores comparatively free; while the few precipitous rocks that do come forward and plunge directly into deep water are seldom more than three or four hundred feet high.

The mind of Howard was singularly and sublimely free from the common and dangerous passion for applause: that passion which, though taken altogether, it is certainly beneficial to the interests of mankind, yet frequently communicates inquietude and unsteadiness to the pursuits of Genius and Virtue.

If you are legally freed, and marry Miss Argles, you could hardly go back there.

East Prussia was practically free from Russian troops, save at a few points near the boundary, but they strongly maintained their positions in Galicia.

They have longed for, toiled for, it may be died for, the true, the beautiful, and the good; and now they can gaze upward at the perfect reality of that which they saw on earth, only as in a glass darkly, dimly, and afar; and can contemplate the utterly free, the utterly beautiful, and the utterly good in the character of God and the face of Jesus Christ.

To the many styles of European dress the brighter robes of the East gave vivid colour, and it was obvious from the remarkably free and spontaneous expression of joy of these people, who at the end of three years of war had such strong faith in our fight for freedom, that they recognised freedom was permanently won to all races and creeds by the victory at Jerusalem.

Maud was totally free from affectation, while she possessed the keenest sense of womanly propriety.

When I entered Edinburgh College the students were tolerably free from any of those clubs or parties into which some factitious subjectoften a whimdivides them.

Man is relatively free of these liabilities, and so remains man by his freedom from the recurrent crises involving the lime salt reserve which constitute the essence of the life story of woman.

Half and quarter slaves can, by reason of their being partially free, compel their lord to give them their freedom at a previously determined and unfluctuating price: but full slaves do not possess this right.

Last and chief, while literature, gagged with linsey-woolsey, can only deal with a fraction of the life of man, talk goes fancy free and may call a spade a spade.

He had a peculiarly free and easy style.

It is in the very nature of free governmentsand more especially, perhaps, of governments newly free.

No one noted any difference in her save Jane, for Jane was as yet happily free to observe.

Hast thou forgot when near the Caspian-wave, Defeat and ruin had appalled the brave, When mighty Rustem struck the dreadful blow, And nobly freed thee from the savage foe? Did Demons huge escape his flaming brand?

[20] In Thuringia, on the extraction of a tooth, the person must eat three daisies to be henceforth free from toothache.

Blood owes its colour of redness to the quantity of iron it contains, and rain and snow are seldom perfectly free from it.

When we speak of the South as distinguished from the North by elements of inherent hostility, we speak only of the governing faction, and not of the millions of nominally free men who are scarcely less its thralls than the black slaves themselves.

Yet each may say, I am spiritually free!

"We don't care who rules us, or what form government may take, provided we are personally free.

If this was not equivalent to a requisition to set him fully and most honorably free, and that, too, on the ground of natural obligation and Christian principle, then I know not how to frame such a requisition.

Europe is not at this moment, so far as I know, speaking of it broadly, and making allowance for certain improvements in its general civilization, more free politically than it was before.

We were essentially free traders.

Most of the slaves, who were thus unconditionally freed, returned without any solicitation to their former masters, to serve them, at stated wages; as free men.

If to-morrow some beastly and incomprehensible crime is committed, the conscience of the judge is troubled by this question: Was the person who committed this crime morally free to act or not?

159 adverbs to describe how to  frees  - Adverbs for  frees
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