81 adverbs to describe how to frowning

I think so myself.' 'Of course, the first row of the chorus is not what it was when I was a bachelor,' continued Bruce, frowning thoughtfully.

One could pass half an hour at a café; but Mrs. Cartwright did not like her to go to a café; alone and Barbara frowned impatiently.

He was neither reckless nor trifling, but I am sure that none of the adulating groups that made much of the handsome Yankee in Richmond that season would have suspected that the young man looked in his mirror night and morning, frowned darkly at the reflected image he saw there, and said, solemnly, "You are a murderer!"

Some minutes afterwards, he came back, frowning savagely, stopped in front of Lister, as if he meant to speak, hesitated, and went out by the vestibule.

" "Well, look here," answered Acton, thumping the wall with his fist and frowning heavily, "what are we going to do to get even with the Philistines?

" Dredlinton kicked a footstool out of his way, frowning angrily.

Now, this mornin'" "I'll bet," she interrupted, smoothing out the smile and frowning as severely as she was able.

" Slowly the Earl sought the castle walls, that frowned still more gloomily, no longer brightened by the young and beautiful Lady Clare.

He frowned upon her abruptly.

"One flight up, Miss, and turn to the right," he continued, promptly; and then he winked over the girl's head at Uncle John, who frowned so terribly that the man drew aside and disappeared abruptly.

To the young Sioux girl the sleigh-bells seemed to jingle harshly, and the gumbo hills, whose tops were bare of snow, seemed frowning blackly from across the river.

" "And I also might guess," said the king, frowning sternly.

I've been through it, as I told you, but" The young man frowned whimsically and lit a cigarette.

I knew that you would frown and say: No matter!

"Really," said Mrs. Pendomer, and as with sympathy, "one would think you had at last been confronted with one of your thirty-seven pastsor is it thirty-eight, Rudolph?" Colonel Musgrave frowned disapprovingly at her frivolity; he swallowed his coffee, and buttered a superfluous potato.

He frowned momentarily, then as suddenly he smiled.

Kenneth was frowning sullenly.

"What in thunder do you mean?" Mrs. Davey giggled with delight, but her husband frowned ominously.

The passengers exchanged smiles at this rebuke, and the lady frowned still more deeply.

Sir Beverley frowned upon her fiercely, the iron will of him scorning and surmounting his physical weakness.

Then Tredgold, with his back to the others, caught his eye and frowned significantly.

Beyond a dim entrance hall the light fell upon his brother seated at a desk, frowning intently at work before him.

" The eminent critic frowned grimly and took a fourth cream biscuit without noticing it.

She laid her hand on her heart, and frowned upward with physical pain.

She could not turn the knob and stood, irresolute, frowning vaguely, though not very deeply disquieted.

81 adverbs to describe how to  frowning  - Adverbs for  frowning