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81 adverbs to describe how to  frowning  - Adverbs for  frowning

81 adverbs to describe how to frowning

I think so myself.' 'Of course, the first row of the chorus is not what it was when I was a bachelor,' continued Bruce, frowning thoughtfully.

One could pass half an hour at a cafรฉ; but Mrs. Cartwright did not like her to go to a cafรฉ; alone and Barbara frowned impatiently.

He was neither reckless nor trifling, but I am sure that none of the adulating groups that made much of the handsome Yankee in Richmond that season would have suspected that the young man looked in his mirror night and morning, frowned darkly at the reflected image he saw there, and said, solemnly, "You are a murderer!"

Some minutes afterwards, he came back, frowning savagely, stopped in front of Lister, as if he meant to speak, hesitated, and went out by the vestibule.

" "Well, look here," answered Acton, thumping the wall with his fist and frowning heavily, "what are we going to do to get even with the Philistines?

" Dredlinton kicked a footstool out of his way, frowning angrily.

Now, this mornin'" "I'll bet," she interrupted, smoothing out the smile and frowning as severely as she was able.

" Slowly the Earl sought the castle walls, that frowned still more gloomily, no longer brightened by the young and beautiful Lady Clare.

He frowned upon her abruptly.

"One flight up, Miss, and turn to the right," he continued, promptly; and then he winked over the girl's head at Uncle John, who frowned so terribly that the man drew aside and disappeared abruptly.

To the young Sioux girl the sleigh-bells seemed to jingle harshly, and the gumbo hills, whose tops were bare of snow, seemed frowning blackly from across the river.

" "And I also might guess," said the king, frowning sternly.

I've been through it, as I told you, but" The young man frowned whimsically and lit a cigarette.

I knew that you would frown and say: No matter!

"Really," said Mrs. Pendomer, and as with sympathy, "one would think you had at last been confronted with one of your thirty-seven pastsor is it thirty-eight, Rudolph?" Colonel Musgrave frowned disapprovingly at her frivolity; he swallowed his coffee, and buttered a superfluous potato.

He frowned momentarily, then as suddenly he smiled.

Kenneth was frowning sullenly.

"What in thunder do you mean?" Mrs. Davey giggled with delight, but her husband frowned ominously.

The passengers exchanged smiles at this rebuke, and the lady frowned still more deeply.

Sir Beverley frowned upon her fiercely, the iron will of him scorning and surmounting his physical weakness.

Then Tredgold, with his back to the others, caught his eye and frowned significantly.

Beyond a dim entrance hall the light fell upon his brother seated at a desk, frowning intently at work before him.

" The eminent critic frowned grimly and took a fourth cream biscuit without noticing it.

She laid her hand on her heart, and frowned upward with physical pain.

She could not turn the knob and stood, irresolute, frowning vaguely, though not very deeply disquieted.

" Frowning haughtily, Madam Conway bade her be silent, telling her at the same time to see that the rooms in the north part of the building were put in perfect order for Mrs. Miller, who would probably come in the next vessel.

If Keith tried to whisper to him, Murray merely frowned at him.

The touchstone of true worth is not success; There is a higher test Though fate may darkly frown, onward to press, And bravely do one's best.

The populace, however, openly frowned upon the affair, spoke its mind as much at it pleased, and was ready to do what it could.

On the cliff opposite frowned the massive battlements of the Castle, guarding the town, which lay in a nook of the rocks below.

I wonder why?" Outfield stopped suddenly and frowned perplexedly.

" Patricia frowned, petulantly, and then burst into choking sobs.

Polly frowned.

"What's this Hawk's telling me about you, MacFarlane?" he demanded, frowning portentously.

" Bud frowned prodigiously.

"We thought to start in the favor of the church, which rarely frowns on those who respect its privileges.

" The consul frowned reprovingly.

Out of sorrow, out of strife, Spring aloft to higher life; Parted by no awful cleft From the life that I have left; Only I myself grown purer See its good so much the surer, See its ill with hopeful eye, Frown more seldom, oftener sigh.

No sooner is it given out than Algy, Bobby, and Tou Tou, all look at me and grin; but father, who has a wily way of establishing himself in the corner of the pew, so as to have a bird's-eye view of all our demeanors, speedily frowns them down into a preternatural gravity.

But it falls to be said, and I say it with a pride which I think should not excite cavil, that Miss Caroline frowned splendidly from the first moment that the song's true character was revealed.

Ain't going my way, are you?" Dan Barry sat frowning steadily down at the table.

"I've got a girl," she said, and a sudden light flashed across her frowning as swiftly as a meteor cuts down along a darkened sky.

she cried, and frowned all tenderly, "Indeed I have not seen thee since the burning noon took wing.

As he wrote, he frowned terrifically, and sighed oft betwixt whiles; and Bellew watching, where he stood outside the window, noticed that Anthea frowned also, as she bent over her accounts, and sighed wearily more than once.

And" he frowned tremendously and shook Kirk's arm, "I absolutely forbid Kirk to stop his music.

" "One thing at least is certain," remarked King Helmas, frowning uglily, "and it is that among the Peohtes all persons who dispute our prophecies are burned at the stake.

" He frowned uncomfortably, as if to speak, thought better of it, and kept silence.

He did so now, and frowned unconsciously.

Lanyard frowned uneasily.

that then ungently frown, When changing fortune casts us headlong down!

The young man frowned unhappily.

He tried the same policy when being shown the children's own garden, but Judith tracked him out of this attempt at self-protection with some direct and searching questions, discovering in him such ignorance of the broadest division-lines of the vegetable kingdom that she gave herself up to open scorn, vainly frowned down by the more naturally civilized Sylvia, who was by no means enjoying herself.

Yolanda laughed despite the danger, but covered her mouth with her hand when I frowned warningly.

in a pleading tone that made Diana frown wickedly.

In the morn of playful childhood, With dear friends 'mid sylvan bowers, O'er the fields and through the wildwood, Culling all the choicest flow'rs; Twining wreaths, each other crowning, Dew-drops bright for royal gems, Ne'er a thought of worldly frowning On the precious diadems.

To sleep in that neighborhood was impossible, and all night long Madam Conway vibrated between her bed and the window, from which latter point she frowned wrathfully down upon the red coats below, who, scoffing alike at law and order as dispensed by the police, kept up their noisy revel, shouting lustily for "Chelsea, No. 4" and "Washington, No. 2," until the dawn of day.

And afterward, she suddenly frowned and stamped her foot, did Margaret.

But assuredly unless we arouse the slave to seize the torch and the dagger, and avenge the wrongs of his race, Providence will frown upon our efforts, and our arms will not prevail.

" The Little Red Doctor frowned austerely.

In the darkness she exulted and even ventured to frown belligerently in the direction of the disagreeable canoeist.

It frowned upon his home beneath in a very menacing way; he noticed slight seams and fissures that looked ominous;what would happen, if it broke off some time or other and came crashing down on the fields and roofs below?

Then, when these letters were destroyed, they would have no cluehe frowned.

It did not despair of success until the actual election of Lincoln, on the 6th of November, 1860; consequently, even in the Southern States, as a rule, disunion was frowned upon till near the end of the Presidential campaign, and only paraded as an evil to be feared, not as a thing to be desired.

He was aware of Whitey frowning curiously at him and smiling faintly, which was the nearest that Whitey ever came to laughter.

He lifted his head, and frowned defiantly in the general direction of the Klondyke, thirteen hundred miles away.

he suddenly cried, as an inspiration struck him, "you ain't got anything agin the mill at Royal, or agin Skeelty, have you?" "I have, sir!" declared Patsy, raising her head to frown discouragingly upon the Honer'ble Ojoy.

" He frowned dubiously and asked himself: "Can it be I have denounced a man as hostage?"

" Flyaway frowned fearfully, and the tuft of hair atop of her head danced like a war-plume.

He frowned at Billy ferociously.

33 At this Lord Nick very frankly frowned in turn.

Don Ramรณn would give them all a hearing, frowning gravely meanwhile, his chin on his bosom and one hand on the head of the little Rafael at his sidea pose copied from a chromo of the Kaiser petting the Crown Prince.

"What's the use of bothering with evidence against a suspected murderer when the murdered man stands talking to you?" Robinson frowned helplessly.

So when the King saw that he never won in the tournaments nor led in the boar hunts, nor sang to his lute among the ladies of the court, he drew his royal robes around him, and henceforth frowned on Ethelried.

" Dave frowned at his son hopefully, as one saved might regard one who still might be.

Look how French Napoleonist papers frown indignantly at the idea that the Congress of the United States dare to honour my humble self.

Here Mr. BUMSTEAD, whose eyes had been rolling in an extraordinary manner, tumbled into his chair again, and then, frowning intensely, helped himself to lemon tea.

" Dicky frowned involuntarily, but his face cleared again in an instant.

" "All right," returned the conductor, frowning irritably.

This virtue is your own; but life and state Are one to Fortune subject, one to Fate: Equal to all, you justly frown or smile; 360 Nor hopes nor fears your steady hand beguile; Yourself our balance hold, the world's our isle.

We pass the door-keeper, who, as is the custom of his kind, frowns malignantly at us, and evidently asks himself"How much longer can I refrain from tearing up the tickets of these impudent pleasure-seekers, and throwing the pieces in their infamously contented countenances?"

Bob turned and frowned at him as meaningly as Bob's round and sunny face could frown.