31 adverbs to describe how to functioned

The type of organ which would function normally, were not its possessor parasitic in that function, invariably degenerates or disappears.

The communes may have represented an attempt to set up an organization which could function independently, even in the event of a governmental breakdown in wartime.

The absurdity charged is that the self-same should function so differently, now with and now without something else.

Segregating a sex in the home, it is true, centralizes it in a given place, but it does not necessarily train the individual to function efficiently.

The reason that so many recorded cases have occurred when the clairvoyant person was asleep, and the vision appeared as a dream, is simply because in such a condition the physical senses of the person are stilled and at rest, and there is less likelihood of interference from them, and a better opportunity for the astral senses to function effectively.

The modern, free-functioning woman accepted without the slightest difficulty these new ideals of democracy and social service.

The new Springfield, that was a gloriously functioning thing in its simplicity, he regarded with a sort of reverence and ecstasy mingled.

FAILURE OF THE ADRENALS As the gland of acute stress and strain, the adrenals in modern life are called upon to function more heavily and frequently than in the past.

That ideas played a part in the solution of the problem is probable, but at best they functioned very ineffectively.

Monopoly capitalism, throughout its entire history, has tended to function internationally, moving across frontiers in search of raw materials, markets, and fields of profitable investment.

It was more nearly an unit, functioning lucidly and consistently, than anything the world has known since the Roman Empire.

The perception or sensation which thus arises is entirely subjective, a function of the knower merely, and in no way a copy of the external movement.

In the past the main function of woman outside of the rearing of children has been to satisfy the carnal appetite of man, to prepare his food, to minister to his physical comfort; she was barred from participation in the intellectual.

The government in each of these commonwealths is doing everything possible to further the cause of education, and the tendency is to treat education as peculiarly a function of government and to make it, where the government acts, non- sectarian, obligatory, and freea cardinal doctrine of our own great democracy, to which we are committed by every principle of sound Americanism.

She is what she is because she possesses small, shrivelled, poorly functioning ovaries.

Actually to find them might be half a day's work, and when I have found them I have simply found several pieces of mechanism each hidden in a kind of hut, functioning quite privately and disconnectedly by the aid of a few perspiring men.

Yet the primary aspect of the federal Constitution was undoubtedly that of a permanent league, in which each state, while retaining its domestic sovereignty intact, renounced forever its right to make war upon its neighbours and relegated its international interests to the care of a central council in which all the states were alike represented and a central tribunal endowed with purely judicial functions of interpretation.

The crystal, etc., serves to focus the psychic energy of the person, in such a way that the astral senses are induced to function more readily than ordinarily.

It is an hypothesis that functions retrospectively only, not prospectively.

They never function separately.

A post-renaissance perspective on economic issues has room for both to exist, simultaneously functioning on different orders of magnitude.

Mental facts do function both singly and together, at once, and we finite minds may simultaneously be co-conscious with one another in a superhuman intelligence.

But the impossibility of forcing water to the height on which his house was perched, and the difficulty of procuring water even in the village where the fountains functioned sparingly and only at certain hours of the day, caused him to renounce the project.

He felt paralysed, numb, even his brain functioning strangely, the danger of his helpless condition its only incentive to action.

Feeding of the gland was then extended to a particular class of defective children, children with well-shaped heads, normal eyes, symmetrically functioning limbs, excellent digestion, strong muscles and generally, normal, sometimes rapid growth.

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