55 adverbs to describe how to gallops

Then grief again came with the funeral procession, which spread out along the white road between the lofty poplars and the green corn, that road over which Rose had galloped so madly through the storm.

The gate was forced, and a confused and chance-medley skirmish ensued; Hernando del Pulgar stopped not to take part in the affray; putting spurs to his horse, he galloped furiously through the streets, striking fire out of the stones at every bound.

He soon, however, recovered his courage, and, spurring his horse, gave him the bridle and galloped swiftly forward.

Then she crossed the room to the window, and the next moment a horse galloped past.

But one or two passengers were set down and, as the engine began to snort anew, a man darted from behind the tiny structure that housed ticket-office and waiting-room, galloped heavily across the platform, and with nothing to spare threw himself into the compartment immediately behind that wherein Lanyard sat alone.

His last despairing glance caught a body of jet black horses galloping wildly into the dispersing ranks of blue.

By the light of the firing they saw a man lying low on his horse's neck galloping headlong through the zone of death after them.

and horsemen galloped forth, casting among them nuts enveloped in silver-leaf and apples and comfits and trinkets and brass farthings in incredible quantities.

Once more he turned his horse and this time galloped steadily on into the night.

Behind shut the postern, the lights sank to rest, And into the midnight we galloped abreast.

The noble Sir Giles de Argentine considered it as his duty to attend the King until he saw him in personal safety, then observing that "it was not his own wont to fly," turned back, rushed again into the battle, cried his war-cry, galloped boldly against the victorious Scots, and was slain, according to his wish, with his face to the enemy.

Your Roos galloped bravely, the fault's not in her; We'll remember at Aix,"for one heard the quick wheeze Of her chest, saw the stretched neck, and staggering knees, And sunk tail, and horrible heave of the flank, As down on her haunches she shuddered and sank.

How martially he rides his sable steed, That proudly treads and lifts his noble head, While eagerly he gallops down the line, And bears his princely load with porte divine; And now, along the plains there sounds afar The piercing bugle-note of Izdubar; For Erech's walls and turrets are in view, And high the standards rise of varied hue.

Marshal Saxe, with difficulty keeping his seat upon his horse, galloped hastily up to the Irish brigade, commanding all the troops he met on the way to make no more false attacks, and to act in concert.

The bed, the house, the herdsman, every thing about the place, gave him such horror and detestation, that, without waiting for dawn, or the light of moon, he dressed himself, and went forth and took his horse from the stable, and galloped onwards into the middle of the woods.

Their usual gait was a short gallop, seldom a walk or trot.

Within half an hour after Jennie Whitney's meeting with Budd Hankinson the party of half a hundred were galloping westward, she riding at the head, with Maj. Sitgraves and Budd, who acted as guide to the expedition.

At length, before prime, he came down-wind from a water-hole and galloped gladly to it.

The swiftest horse may gallop for a day and night unswervingly, and still not reach a dwelling-place of man.

He had his hot and cold fits, his days of sullenness and peevishness, and occasional mad paroxysms of rage and longing, in which fits his horse would be saddled and galloped fiercely about the country, bringing him back in such a state of despair as brought much worry to his mother and the Major.

But ever the dreadful hubbub waxed and grew, shrieks and cries and the screaming of maddened horses with the awful, rolling thunder of their fierce-galloping hooves!

Caesar's cavalry had galloped far ahead of the infantry and was harassing, incidentally, their rear guards, when they faced about with their horse and conquered it.

The snow-flakes gallop on again, madly, joyfully.

It was a herd of buffaloes, which galloped with the noise of wagons heavily laden.

At last near sunset we descried him galloping leisurely toward home.

55 adverbs to describe how to  gallops  - Adverbs for  gallops
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