318 words to describe how to  gazed  - Adverbs for  gazed

318 words to describe how to gazed

Intently, I gazed around; but could catch no sight of her.

But anon I gazed at him more steadily, making no attempt to avoid amorous snares.

Earnestly, I gazed, and, presently, seemed to see circular masses, that showed muddily red, within the clouded blackness.

One day on a walk in the hills I came on Thrackles and Pulz lying on their stomachs gazing down fixedly at Dr. Schermerhorn's camp.

"Well, some one will have to go down and get some more," she said, and gazed at Billie thoughtfully.

Days came and went, and labouring at the forge or lying out in the sunshine gazing wistfully beyond the swaying tree-tops, Beltane would oft start and turn his head, fancying the rustle of her garments in his ears, or her voice calling to him from some flowery thicket; and the wind in the trees whispered "Helen!" and the brook sang of Helen, and Helen was in his thoughts continually.

Hares and spermophiles showed themselves in considerable numbers in shallow places, and small bands of antelopes were almost constantly in sight, gazing curiously from some slight elevation, and then bounding swiftly away with unrivaled grace of motion.

I sat up even straighter than my companion, and gazed steadfastly at him.

The essences of the pressed leaves seem to fill every pore of one's body, the sounds of falling water make a soothing hush, while the spaces between the grand spires afford noble openings through which to gaze dreamily into the starry sky.

She sat silently gazing at me across the table, seemingly failing to quite comprehend, her parted lips trembling to an unasked question.

She gazed anxiously and sometimes steadily, at Kazan as he slept.

They have longed for, toiled for, it may be died for, the true, the beautiful, and the good; and now they can gaze upward at the perfect reality of that which they saw on earth, only as in a glass darkly, dimly, and afar; and can contemplate the utterly free, the utterly beautiful, and the utterly good in the character of God and the face of Jesus Christ.

murmured Dave, gazing admiringly at her flushed face.

The little Pilgrim raised her up, holding her by her hands; and she stood and gazed round about her, making one or two doubtful steps.

Everybody was gazing eagerly at a narrow, mountainous island lying slate-coloured across the early morning.

exclaimed the Major, gazing straight ahead.

The witch of Hawthorne's story never gazed more fondly at her "Feathertop" than Samuel now gazed at Abraham puffing away on his pipe; but he determined that Abraham's fate should not be as poor "Feathertop's."

CELIN'S FAREWELL He sadly gazes back again upon those bastions high, The towers and fretted battlements that soar into the sky; And Celin, whom the King in wrath has from Granada banned Weeps as he turns to leave for aye his own dear native land; No hope has he his footsteps from exile to retrace; No hope again to look upon his lady's lovely face.

But in this one act all his fury pass'd; And turning softly from the dead child there, Suffering none to touch it where it lay, He sat him down in awful calmness nigh, And gazed forth blankly like a sculptured face; And when we fain would pass to take the child, A strange wild voice still warns us back again, "Hush!

A feeling of awe gradually stole over the thousand dark faces that were gazing upwards, as the little cort├ęge drew near.

Yesterday, after I had waited for a car the best part of the forenoon, it came crawling along at snail-like pace, the horses fast asleep, and the driver gazing vacantly into space, thoroughly exhausted in endeavors to wake them up.

Both girls were silent, gazing meditatively into the pool, like gazing into a future-revealing crystal, each absorbed in her own day dreams.

He abstractedly gazed out of the window and a few strains of an old song.

For I have hitherto given no denials, Nor has he given me cause; I have seen him wildly gaze upon me often, And sometimes blush and smile, but seldom that; And now and then found fault with my replies, And wonder'd where the Devil lay that wit, Which he believ'd no Judge of it could find.

Even horses and dogs gaze wonderingly at the strange brightness of the ground, and smell the polished spaces and place their feet cautiously on them when they come to them for the first time, as if afraid of sinking.

There lay Mandoline and Dotty side by side on the buffalo skins; and the Jewish mother stood in her short night-dress, with a tallow candle in her hand, and gazed at them tenderly.

"SLUKER," he repeated, gazing absently at the distant spire; "SLUKER," he reiterated, rubbing his nose abstractedly with the handle of his umbrella; "SLUKER," he continued in my next, my dear PUNCHINELLO, in my next.

The countess heaved a little sigh and gazed idly at the fire.

Bright didn't seem to care, and only gazed calmly at them.

They said not a word as they waited for sleep to overcome the Germans, but gazed out quietly over the dark sea.

There they stopped, gazing stupidly at Paul.

Shaking with fright, he made his way along the passage, and summoning up all his courage pushed open doors and gazed fearfully into empty rooms.

Robin lay upon his back and gazed aloft into the leaves of the trees, his thought leagues away, and so a long time passed.

Rodolph gazed inquiringly at the fine countenance of the young Sachem, which was now bent upon the dying Indian at his feet.

The relief of this knowledge was considerable, and I gazed over the bark forward with a new feeling of security.

His hood and cloak of many hues he swiftly dons, and sets Upon his brow his turban gay with pearls and amulets; Of many tints above his head his plumes are waving wide; Like a crescent moon his scimitar is dangling at his side; And standing at the window, he gazes forth, and, hark!

Others stood gazing helplessly up into the sky.

She was still gazing pensively on these souvenirs of the past, when her attention was arrested by Tom's voice, saying: "Dar's a picaninny at de Grat Hus.

Aucassin was sitting on the castle steps with his proud barons and brave knights around him, gazing sorrowfully at the sweet flowers, and listening to the singing of the birds.

Another thing that has caused me many a time to question everything: During the Christmas holidays many times I have seen half-clad, hungry, shivering little ones gazing longingly into the wonderful show windows, wanting probably just one toy, while children no more worthy drive by in carriages, having more than they want.

She stitched away in a methodical manner, as if abstracted, and Louise crossed her delicate hands behind her head and gazed at her mother reflectively.

Frequently he paused in his walk and gazed far backward, shading his eyes with his hand.

"If you choose to call it that," said my father ungraciously, and he turned his back to us and gazed gloomily out over the water.

Mutely awhile my Beltane gazed upon her shy, sweet loveliness, what time her bosom rose and fell tempestuous, and she bowed her head full low.

The Master, for it was he, turned as he passed, gazed hard at Montgomery, and gave him a menacing, gap-toothed grin.

He gazed mournfully to the east; he looked over the wide expanse of country that he had lately traversed, and his eye seemed to pierce the rising hills, and lofty forests, that lay between him and his cherished home; and in the words of the Psalmist he cried, 'Oh that I had wings as a dove, for then would I flee away and be at rest!'

"Areare we getting anywhere near port?" He did not tell her that it was not port he was looking for so soon as he gazed out searchingly into the night.

Kathleen was solemnly gazing at Lenore, with the wise, penetrating eyes of extreme youth.

Around the long table of the host were seated, at respectable intervals, a dozen or more gentlemen, who gazed stolidly at each other from time to time, while the host himself smiled broadly upon them all from that end of the room where the lift and the smell of cooking exercise their callingthe one to spoil the appetite, the other to pander to it when spoilt.

"This is a dangerous place," answered the corporal, gazing uneasily toward the mountain.