591 adverbs to describe how to getting

"You've got it safely?"

Others got ashore.

If a dirge once got inside, it would fret until it came out a dancing measure.

These trials caused interruption in the Journal for some weeks; but she and the child gradually got better; and at the Yearly Meeting of 1802, she was able to attend almost all the meetings, and to receive the customary crowd of visitors at her house; among them her much-loved uncle, Joseph Gurney, whose presence was of much service to her.

Ere long, in spite of the fury of wind and wave, they had got all aboard, and rowed back in safety to the lighthouse.

What I wanted was, to get outside of the city, among the hills, where I could see the old woods, the streams, the mountains, and get a breath of fresh air, such as I used to breathe.

One could scarcely get them to canter around the courtyard.

The typical country newspaper groans under a load of debt and seldom gets a fair show to succeed; but in this case there will be no lack of money, andwhy, that settles the question, I think.

I imejutly come to the conclusion, that to successfully buck agin Lager-beer, was full as onhealthy as tryin' to get a seat in H. WARD BEECHER'S church on Sunday mornin's, afore all the Pew-holders had got in.

"You've been askin' to see ghosts, Mr. Chet," she said, with a chuckle, "and you sure have got your wish this day.

'I could get along nicely without it, I think....

"I knew well enough that in course of time the Dwarf would get square with the Giant, no matter how long it might take and how much it might cost.

We'll rest for half an hour, and then get him upstairs, andand do the rest.

There were a few words of explanation from the man who had come home, and then, in gruff but not unkindly tones, he bade Babette be seated, and told his mother to get some supper speedily.

Long ere we got to the Gap I was clean worn out.

"I am sure we shall get along together famously.

But, of course, it's out of the question to get leave merely to roam the streets.

He got up hastily and stood beside her at the smouldering fire.

But he knew he had got off cheaply.

The players recovered slightly, but had barely got into their stride again when accidents to the men began to happen.

Den one er de nigger chilluns runned away fum de quarters one day, en got in de scuppernon's, en died de nex' week.

She rarely got beyond monosyllables with Hollis' father.

He was thirty-eight, but looked a gilded youth of twenty; and was sufficiently gilded (as he said), not perhaps exactly to be comfortable, but to enable him to get about comfortably, and see those who were.

Any one on any ship passing through the Canal could see the place, and it is surprising, and it certainly points to a lack of enterprise on the part of the Germans, that no attempt was made to bomb Kantara by the super-Zeppelin which in November 1917 left its Balkan base and got as far south as the region of Khartoum on its way to East Africa, before being recalled by wireless.

Any news about the strike?" "Well, the trader fella was sure it was all gammon, and told us stories of men who'd sacrificed everything and joined a stampede, and got soldsold badly.

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