87 adverbs to describe how to glaring

Sir Gui rode at a hand-pace, and as he rode the folk drew hastily aside to give him way, and bent the knee full humbly or stood with bowed heads uncovered to watch him pass; but 'neath bristling brows, full many an eye glared fiercely on his richly-habited, slender figure, marking his quick, dark glance, the down-curving, high-bridged nose of him with the thin lips and the long, pointed chin below.

" "I shall not," he cried, glaring at me angrily.

Mittens took the gold watch and chain, the flashing pin and studs, the beautiful diamond ring and put them all on, glaring defiantly at his crew as he did so.

Mr. Rushton grasps him by the collar, and glares at him ferociously.

I was conscious of an added sense of pain, on perceiving that the eyes, which glared so wildly, were sightless.

That the Count glared at me savagely and crunched his jaws with maniacal energy.

I am a Christian, sir!" says Ward, glaring furiously, and clenching his great fists.

"Matter with it?" repeated that gentleman, glaring at him reproachfully.

Flockley and Koswell glared darkly, while as they passed, Larkspur put out his foot to trip Sam up.

and luckily he did stop, otherwise he would have gone on to tidewater, ever thinking that we were before him, while we, with our forest appetites, would have been glaring hungrily at each other, or perhaps drawing lots for a cannibal doom.

Although by dint of casual and cautious inquiries Mr. Hardy found that his partner's information was correct, he was by no means guilty of any feelings of gratitude towards him; and he only glared scornfully when that excellent but frivolous man mounted a chair on Friday afternoon, and putting the clock on a couple of hours or so, urged him to be in time.

" She glared at him menacingly.

Patsy was paralyzed with horror and had fallen back into her chair to glare alternately at Bob West and the big bully who threatened her cousin's husband.

She sat in the window, and listlessly read over to herself a fragment of her own poetry: SAPPHO She lay among the myrtles on the cliff; Above her glared the moon; beneath, the sea.

He glared desperately at Andy, and tried to wrench his arm free.

Who's that girl who has been working with you?" Hobart glared sullenly, but made no response.

He glared indignantly at the back of the industrious Mrs. Silk.

The boy glared at him fixedly.

And silence again reigned in the peaceful semi-obscurity, contrasting with the overpowering glare outside.

As the wolves in winter circle Round the leaguer on the heath, So the greedy foe glared upward, Panting still for blood and death.

"Mr. Poquelin," he said with a conciliatory smile, "tell me, is it your house that our Creole citizens tell such odd stories about?" The old man glared sternly upon the speaker, and with immovable features said: "You don't see me trade some Guinea nigga'?" "Oh, no."

Two or three others were sent up in succession; to all of whom the apparition glared forth, and was identified by each to be 'Old Davy, sure enough.'

Mr. Bellingham recognised him at the same moment and glared at him wrathfully.

"But what do you believe?" The Little Red Doctor, who prides himself on being a hard-bitted materialist, glared at me as injuriously as if my innocent question had been an insult.

He was glaring insanely at the calm, triumphant face of the man from Brodney's, who was now advancing upon him with the assurance of a conqueror.

87 adverbs to describe how to  glaring  - Adverbs for  glaring
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