27 adverbs to describe how to glimmered

Something slipped by the open doorsomething that glimmered faintly; and Lefty Joe knew that it was the red head of Donnegan.

The faint, foggy daylight glimmered dimly on the bare floor and stairs; on the bright suit of armor posted, halbert in hand, upon the landing; and on the dark wood-carvings, and framed pictures that hung against the yellow panels of the wainscot.

" The room had become dimmer; the light on her hair and face and hands glimmered dully as she passed and re-passed him in her restless progress restless, dismayed, frightened progress toward a goal she already saw aheadclose ahead of herevery time she turned to look at him.

She watched the mountain ridges turn blacker and blacker; saw a second star and another and suddenly the heavens filled with a softly glimmering spray of twinkling lights; she heard the night wind rustling, tender with vague voices.

Lamps glimmered fitfully in the guard-room, throwing fantastic banners of light almost to the water's edge.

The shape glimmered forth, died away, like a prodigy.

There were peals of thunder and rainbow tints glimmered indistinctly.

The foaming wake glimmered lividly in the dark, the beat of screws seemed quicker, and Lister thought the ship was carried forward by a stream of tide.

The slotted black eyes glimmered malignantly.

Thou art summoning from times departed, Thoughts of the past most hateful, Overshadowing not alone All sheen gilding the present, Also the future's Mildly glimmering light of hope.

Through the tobacco smoke drifting in level bands, the crystal chandeliers in Cortlandt's house glimmered murkily; the cigar haze even stretched away into the farther room, where, under brilliantly lighted side brackets, a young girl sat playing at the piano, a glass of champagne, gone flat, at her dimpled elbow.

"What if Annie should be looking down from up there,"pointing to a newly glimmering star"and speaking just like this: 'Dear Cordelia, these words I tell you" It is more blessed to give than to receive.

He raised one arm into the air, and Spinrobin, following the motion, saw what at first he imagined to be vast round faces glimmering overhead, outlined darkly against the violet atmosphere.

A smile glimmered palely across Emarine's face and was gone.

All that day the pirate sloop had been lying just off the shore back of the Capes, and now Tom Chist could see the sails glimmering pallidly in the moonlight, spread for drying after the storm.

Blood-red and silver-white the stripes rippled; the stars on the blue field glimmered peacefully.

It is incredible how far this inferiority goes, and how perseveringly a spark of truth will glimmer on even under the crudest covering of monstrous fable or grotesque ceremony, clinging indestructibly, like the odor of musk, to everything that has once come into contact with it.

That through the clouds so purely glimmers from afar, E'en so love-breathing Kriemhild dimm'd every beauty nigh.

Uncertain hope scarcely glimmers, nor can the termination of the struggle be divined.

" Seeing that to refuse to allow this would disappoint Joanna, Sally submitted and went out to the open front door again, to stand looking off into the wet night where a row of distant lights glimmering vaguely through the mist outlined the course of the trolley connecting Wybury with the city.

" He pointed toward a small restaurant across the street where red candlelights glimmered warmly through panelled lace.

A blinding flash of lightning lit the room, glimmered weirdly, splitting the gloom as a sword rending a curtain, and was gone.

Poor mortals haste and hide away: creep soon Into your icy beds: the embers die; And on your frosted panes the pallid moon Is glimmering brokenly.

The Penobscot glimmered winningly.

But even as he thus stood before her, almost frightening her now by the violence of his speech, by the latent passion in him, which no longer would bear to be held in check, the bank of clouds which up to now had obscured the brilliance of the summer sky, finally swept away eastwards, revealing the luminous firmament and the pale crescent moon which now glimmered coldly through the branches of the trees.

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