10 adverbs to describe how to grades

It is more sensitive to fine impressions, to finely graded shades of difference.

Finally I struck a little job with the contractor here digging ditches, grubbing stumps, grading streets and so forth.

In that first year I helped 'em win their fight for separate departments, and before long we had the makings of a real graded Sunday school.

The tax on industry and commerce is similarly graded according to the volume of business transacted by each merchant or merchantile corporation.

Situated upon the very topmost of the socially graded levels of Fairlands, it outshone them all; and, quite likely, the glittering display was mistaken by many dwellers in the valley below for a new constellation of the heavenly bodies.

The interior was so unevenly graded that it caused people to stumble.

In view of the technical and scientific nature of the telephone art, an unusually high-grade personnel is required in all departments, and the amount of unskilled labor employed is relatively very small.

The steep grades west of the Connecticut presented not only a difficult problem in location and construction, but in locomotive engineering as well.

and the sixth Edward; and after alternately grading from the possession of private families to that of brothers belonging to the establishment, it was at last finally appropriated to the instruction of the rising generation, whose parents are exempt from giving any gratuity to the preceptor of their children.

" At this time Mr. Rose and myself had a contract under Schumacher, Miller & Co., constructors of the Kansas Pacific, for grading five miles of track westward from Big Creek, and running through the site of Rome.

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