17 adverbs to describe how to grass

Our course then lay nearly parallel to the river till noon; the land on the river was indifferent and thinly grassed, but rose into good grassy hills about a mile from the river.

EVARTS, HAL G. Short grass.

After following the course of the Murrumbidgee for some days, the travellers turned from its bank and pursued a south-westerly direction, which led them through hills and valleys richly grassed and plenteously endowed with running streams.

TIMOTHY-GRASS, or MEADOW-CAT'S-TAIL-GRASS.Is very coarse and late, and consequently not equal to many of our grasses either for hay or pasture.

Next beyond these we should find merely the rough, curling grass of the Barren Grounds, which would tell us we were approaching the arctic circle, and already near the place where wise men think it is best to turn homeward; for it is close to the Land of the Polar Bear and the Northern Lightsthe region of perpetual snow.

The country is here granite formation, undulating and moderately grassed, and wooded with box and ironbark.

The result was a grimly humorous spectaclethe mourners, including the Commanding Officer and officiating clergy, taking hasty cover in a truly novel trench; while the central figure of the obsequies, sublimely indifferent to the Hun and all his frightfulness, lay on the grass outside, calm and impassive amid the whispering hail of bullets.

Started at 6.30 a.m. and steered south-east, leaving the creek to the north; the country soon changed to a level plain well-grassed, but, owing to the late rain, very soft and muddy; at 10.20 passed to the north end of Jasper Range, and came to a creek fifteen yards wide trending north-east.

The country on the immediate bank of the river was openly wooded with box, flooded-gum, leguminous ironbark, and melia, and was scantily grassed; the soil a brown sandy loam.

The country east of the range is entirely granitic; grass very scanty, and very thinly wooded with ironbark.

Scarcely any grass; no water except at long distances; a barren, difficult, dangerous country: such was the meaning of their dumb show.

A long dark statue, he peered through the woven grasses steadily, admiringly; with an instinctive companionship, a mute forbearance, that was haunting in its revelation.

Theoretically, the grass they ate represented money, and might have been converted to a better use.

The grave of Wordsworth was at that time barely grassed over."Ed.]

For fifteen miles to the south-east it continued a level plain of red loam, tolerably well grassed and covered with an open wood of acacia; the next eight miles was over a poor stony ridge of moderate elevation, terminating at a large dry stream-bed, in latitude 25 degrees 24 minutes 16 seconds, with some fine kangaroo-grass on its banks.

Whilst at Eucla, Forrest, in company with his brother, made another excursion to the north; he penetrated some thirty miles inland, and found as before boundless plains, beautifully grassed, though destitute of any signs of water.

He moves along the western side of a valley; wooded ground, with leafy trees among the spruce and pine, and grass beneath.

17 adverbs to describe how to  grass  - Adverbs for  grass