49 adverbs to describe how to gratify

A child should never be nursed, merely to quiet it; for if this be done, it will soon learn to cry, whenever it feels the slightest uneasiness, not only from hunger, but from other causes; merely to be gratified with nursing.

MY LORD DUKE, I am exceedingly gratified by your communication this day received, conveying a proposal which I doubt not is suggested by your Grace's recollection of transactions now many years past.

G. DAWNAY, B.G.G.S., for Major-General, Chief of the General Staff, E.E.F. X The men of units forming the XXth Corps were deeply gratified to receive this commendation from their gallant Corps Commander: SPECIAL ORDER OF THE DAY BY LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR PHILIP W. CHETWODE, BT., K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., commanding XXth Corps HEADQUARTERS, XXTH CORPS, 13th December 1917.

Restore her but to me all innocence as you receive her, and the fondest hope of my heart will be amply gratified.

Then, as the golden sash which I had not removed met her sight, she looked up for a moment with a glance of natural pride and fondness, intensely gratified by the highly-prized honour paid to her husband; then bent low and kissed my hand with the gesture wherewith the presence of a superior is acknowledged by the members of the Order.

The heartiness and the genial insight into Irving's best traits which the poet displayed were peculiarly gratifying to the nearer friends and relatives.

" "Did his lordship stay the night?" inquired Mrs. Wilson, excessively gratified at a discovery of the disposition manifested by the earl towards her.

She will be immensely gratified to be quit of me.

From a fat person, of course, you expect a broad, genial smile; but you are doubly gratified when you find it extending all round him.

Public spirit is absorbed by private necessities or afflictions; people who cannot procure bread or firing, even though they have money to purchase it, are little gratified by reading that a pair of their Deputies lodged in the Stadtholder's palace; and the triumphs of the republic offer no consolation to the families which it has pillaged or dismembered.

Many persons might have felt alarmed at the peculiarity of my situation, but being accustomed to mingle with eccentric characters, and having no fear from any pretensions of the black art, I was infinitely gratified by all I saw.

At Aunt Henshaw's, my passion for rummaging drawers and boxes of knickknacks was abundantly gratified.

He then, duly and according to the ordinance, gratified the Pitris with oblations of water.

The inspector readily gratified us: and gratifying indeed it was to hear that this poor man had given up his work of ship-carpenter, from pure conviction that he was called to go and instruct the poor Greeks at his own expense.

'This,' observes Lord Elgin, from the representative of the United States, is gratifying both personally and politically.'

Would you have men gratify their lust promiscuously, like cattle and wild beasts?

We listen for the completion of Dryden's stanza, as for the explication of a difficult passage in music; and wild and lost as the sound appears, the ear is proportionally gratified by the unexpected ease with which harmony is extracted from discord and confusion.

I have as much curiosity as my neighbors, and I was proportionately gratified when the doors of "Mon Repos," as the signorina called her residence, were opened to me.

So you see, when a child comes to be, we will say a year and a day old, and makes his first choice between right and wrong, he is at a disadvantage; for he has that vis a tergo, as we doctors call it, that force from behind, of a whole year's life of selfishness, for which he is no more to blame than a calf is to blame for having lived in the same way, purely to gratify his natural appetites.

he asked, secretly gratified.

Even when he has had a good meal he will often go on adding fresh victims, seemingly to gratify his sense of power, and his love of slaughter.

Name one solitary wish of yours that has not been silently gratified.

The music having ceased, three hearty cheers were given, and Louis Kossuth responded to the toast and the address in the following remarks, which were received with warm enthusiasm: Gentlemen: I feel sincerely gratified with the honour of being invited to be present on this solemn occasion, dedicated to the memory of a glorious as well as highly responsible fact in your history.

The rajah was singularly gratified by this mark of respect, and the more so because there happened to be then present several of his principal nobles and some chiefs from other places, besides sundry of the chief of the Moors of Cochin, who had endeavoured to impress on his mind that the Portuguese were willing to assume the command in his dominions.

" In all the annals of modern war I do not believe that there is a parallel to this little Kansas photographer halting, with peremptory hand, an advancing army and leisurely photographing it, regiment by regiment, and then having a field-gun of the Imperial Guard go into action solely to gratify his curiosity.

49 adverbs to describe how to  gratify  - Adverbs for  gratify