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71 adverbs to describe how to « gratifying »

71 adverbs to describe how to « gratifying »

  • A child should never be nursed, merely to quiet it; for if this be done, it will soon learn to cry, whenever it feels the slightest uneasiness, not only from hunger, but from other causes; merely to be gratified with nursing.
  • How greatly Mr. Murray was gratified by a meeting which he had taken such pains to bring about, is shown by the following memorandum carefully preserved by him: "1815.
  • MY LORD DUKE, I am exceedingly gratified by your communication this day received,
  • When we first visited the shops, I was equally gratified and surprised with what was familiar and what was new; but I was particularly amused with those of the tailors and milliners.
  • G. DAWNAY, B.G.G.S., for Major-General, Chief of the General Staff, E.E.F. X The men of units forming the XXth Corps were deeply gratified to receive this commendation from their gallant Corps Commander: SPECIAL ORDER OF THE DAY BY LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR PHILIP W. CHETWODE, BT., K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., commanding XXth Corps HEADQUARTERS, XXTH CORPS, 13th December 1917.
  • Restore her but to me all innocence as you receive her, and the fondest hope of my heart will be amply gratified.
  • It was truly gratifying to hear from those not in profession with us, such strong and decided sentiments against all war, as being not only inconsistent with the spirit of Christianity, but also contrary to sound policy.
  • Then, as the golden sash which I had not removed met her sight, she looked up for a moment with a glance of natural pride and fondness, intensely gratified by the highly-prized honour paid to her husband; then bent low and kissed my hand with the gesture wherewith the presence of a superior is acknowledged by the members of the Order.
  • Wherefore, if all he had to write about was to know what Lord M. would do on my account, he might spare himself the trouble, for that my utmost wishes, as to myself, were much more easily gratified than he perhaps imagined.
  • In calling your attention to the internal concerns of our country the view which they exhibit is peculiarly gratifying.
  • They have seen the provisions which they had ordered taken away by force, partly, perhaps, to please the appetite of the invader, and partly to gratify his insolence, and give him an opportunity of boasting among his comrades, how successfully he blustered.
  • do you really think so, Sir?" said the mother, evidently gratified with the superlativeness of the compliment.
  • He persuaded himself that his very enemies would blush to shed the blood of their sovereign; and that their revenge would be appeased, and their ambition sufficiently gratified, by the substitution in his place of one of his younger children on the throne.
  • She will be immensely gratified to be quit of me.
  • Circumstances, however, prevented his making a visit, so earnestly expected, and which would have been so mutually gratifying.
  • Independent of the delight which such an invitation occasioned him, Cadurcis was doubly gratified by its being given by her.
  • He then, duly and according to the ordinance, gratified the Pitris with oblations of water.
  • "Did his lordship stay the night?" inquired Mrs. Wilson, excessively gratified at a discovery of the disposition manifested by the earl towards her.
  • So strong does the passion become, that I know of a lady who weighs nearly a ton, and is proud of displaying more of her precious substance than society generally approves of, in whom the taste "for a wee drop" is so strong, that, to enable her to gratify it more freely, she has the pleasure of paying two medical men a guinea each daily, to stave off as long as they can its insidious attacks upon her gigantic frame.
  • To have conversed with him and to have sought to chop a way through the tangled recesses of his mind would have gratified me hugely.
  • Many persons might have felt alarmed at the peculiarity of my situation, but being accustomed to mingle with eccentric characters, and having no fear from any pretensions of the black art, I was infinitely gratified by all I saw.
  • He would have instantly gratified the feelings of his cruel and revengeful heart, and have shed the innocent blood of Rodolph's son to atone for the death of his friend, but that he feared to disappoint his Chief, who so earnestly desired to imbrue his own hands in the blood of the slayer.
  • At Aunt Henshaw's, my passion for rummaging drawers and boxes of knickknacks was abundantly gratified.
  • The inspector readily gratified us: and gratifying indeed it was to hear that this poor man had given up his work of ship-carpenter, from pure conviction that he was called to go and instruct the poor Greeks at his own expense.
  • They were specially gratified to have religious services held among them, and the ringing of the bell would generally insure a good audience.
  • They learn that if they gratify their inclinations unreservedly, they will have a heavy price to pay; and on the whole they find it more convenient to recognise social limitations, and to get what pleasure they can inside the narrow enclosure.
  • The consuls obtained a triumph more from having violently gratified their resentment than in consequence of the importance of the war thus concluded.
  • Of course she will be gratified when a man like that tells her that he loves her.
  • He has gratified me keenly by laying his fingers on passages which I wrote either from strong feeling or from intimate knowledge, but which I had prepared myself to find passed over by reviewers.'
  • Every passion, my lords, has its proper object by which it may be laudably gratified, and every disposition of mind may be directed to useful ends.
  • He is not, however, a gloomy ascetic; he takes into his corner a Christmas pie, and, while he leisurely gratifies his palate, his mind feasts on the higher luxury of an approving conscience.
  • There is, indeed, another method by which the pride of superiority may be likewise gratified.
  • 'Ah!' said he on his way, 'if this brave captain should be about to undertake a voyage to the New World, and will let me accompany him, no matter in what capacity, all my wishes will be gratified.
  • The role has layers to explore, and the results aren’t always pretty, but it’s continually gratifying to see a dancer rise to the occasion.
  • Neither are their wishes moderately gratified on this headless than a dump (fifteen pence) seldom proving satisfactory.
  • The Owl was gratified, visibly and much, and then he announced a visitor.
  • I told him that it had often been represented as compulsoryor, in other words, that it was said that every art and means were resorted to, for the purpose of working on the mind of the woman, by her relatives, aided by the priests, who would be naturally gratified by such signal triumphs of religion over the strongest feelings of nature.
  • Would those who were thus aided by him, who are still alive, and the friends of those who are dead, fairly inform the world, it would be obligingly gratifying a reasonable curiosity, to which there should, I think, now be no objection.
  • The tender of the laurel certainly gratified him: "Yet still one joy remains, that not obscure Nor useless all my vacant days have flowed, From youth's gay dawn to manhood's prime mature, Nor with the Muse's laurel unbestowed."
  • The result was gratifying alike to Douglass and the friends of liberty and progress.
  • 'This,' observes Lord Elgin, from the representative of the United States, is gratifying both personally and politically.'
  • A sudden idea appeared to strike Sarah, and she cried, "Your ladyship's desire may possibly be gratified.
  • Would you have men gratify their lust promiscuously, like cattle and wild beasts?
  • Mr. Pomeroy expressed himself properly gratified, adding demurely that he would play no tricks.
  • We listen for the completion of Dryden's stanza, as for the explication of a difficult passage in music; and wild and lost as the sound appears, the ear is proportionally gratified by the unexpected ease with which harmony is extracted from discord and confusion.
  • I have as much curiosity as my neighbors, and I was proportionately gratified when the doors of "Mon Repos," as the signorina called her residence, were opened to me.
  • So you see, when a child comes to be, we will say a year and a day old, and makes his first choice between right and wrong, he is at a disadvantage; for he has that vis a tergo, as we doctors call it, that force from behind, of a whole year's life of selfishness, for which he is no more to blame than a calf is to blame for having lived in the same way, purely to gratify his natural appetites.
  • Seldom has a wish been more quickly gratified.
  • The author was desirous on this occasion to test her strength by appealing directly to the public; and the editor, though quite prepared to accept Adam Bede for the magazine, willingly gratified her.
  • safetybut if he is still anxious to come on here the President would gratify him, altho' he will be troublesomeHe has been an old and faithful Servant, this is enough for the President to gratify him in every reasonable wish.
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