45 adverbs to describe how to grieved

Livingstone was deeply grieved about the capture of the children, but as to his own loss he merely says: "The Boers by taking possession of all my goods have saved me the trouble of making a will".

I have thought on thy saying regarding my past daysand grieved sorely therefore.

So King Meliadus grieved very bitterly for the Lady Elizabeth for the space of seven years, and in that time he took but little pleasure in life, and still less pleasure in that son who had been born to him in that wise.

He then communicated to them in what manner he had been received, and repeated the denunciations of Feridún, at which the brothers were exceedingly grieved and disappointed.

All this grieves me terribly; but I'll recover from it, if you'll only give me time.

But mark the fierse, If they swell before, It will grieve them sore.

I am surprised as well as grieved, deeply grieved; and I must confess that I can only account for the deplorable confusion and loss by the theory that I suggested to you the other day.

When she died, the child who had grown up and under her guidance had married a respectable merchant, mourned for her as one mourns for those who have lovingly shielded our infancy and youth; and many of the neighbours were sincerely grieved that Imtiazan had departed for ever.

How can I choose But sadly grieve, and mourn in my green youth, When nor of her nor me he taketh ruth? OX.

This scene mortified and grieved poor Mrs. Marston inexpressibly.

But Caesar, when he could not in any way resuscitate Cleopatra, felt admiration and pity for her and was himself excessively grieved, as much as if he had been deprived of all the glory of the victory.

Wherefore should we grieve that there is one craven less in the world?

I desire to ascribe all to His glory and praise, who can bring order out of confusion and light out of darkness; and I desire to look away from human means to Him who is able to kill and to make alive, knowing that He doth not grieve willingly nor afflict the children of men.

This grieved me heartily; and now I saw, though too late, the folly of beginning a work before we count the cost, and before we judge rightly of our own strength to go through with it.

According to their natures men are indulging in flippant flings at a vanished superstition, or grieving silently over the disappearance of the ancient light which ruled the night of earth.

"I must do something," she declared, "to relieve my mind from thoughts of my poor, dear, absent husband, for whom I grieve continually.

Tully was much grieved for his daughter Tulliola's death at first, until such time that he had confirmed his mind with some philosophical precepts, "then he began to triumph over fortune and grief, and for her reception into heaven to be much more joyed than before he was troubled for her loss."

It was not the right view to take of the case, I know, but, personally, that fact grieved me more than all the other incidents in the proceeding put together, sad though I felt these to be.

Roseblossom grieved for him very pitifully, for from that time on he paid little attention to her and always kept to himself.

Whenever a victory of his was reported, they rejoiced, and whenever a reverse, they grieved,some really, some pretendedly in each case.

Dear Sir,I was profoundly grieved to learn from a mutual friend that you had been so long on the sick list.

He might mourn over the life; but he could scarcely grieve at the death.

"If she refuses to touch the coffee, the suitor is not specially grieved, but proceeds to another hut to try his luck again in the same way.

How could all those who have had a hand in the exploits mentioned fail to grieve vehemently, if they should learn that we had succumbed to an accursed woman?

154. 'They which forewent us did leave a Roome for us, and should wee grieve to doe the same to these which should come after us?

45 adverbs to describe how to  grieved  - Adverbs for  grieved
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