50 adverbs to describe how to gript

I myself suggest an application which would grip the criminal tightly across the back, imprisoning the arms just above the elbow joints.

It consists of a chain with handles at each end; the chain is put round the wrists, the handles brought together and twisted round until the chain grips firmly.

And beholding what manner of thing this was, he fell upon his knees with head bowed low yet spake no prayer, only his hands gripped fiercely upon his axe; while to and fro in the dark above, that awful shape turned and swung its flaunting cock's-comb dreadfully awry, its motley stained and rent a wretched thing, twisted and torn, a thing of blasting horror.

And when she did, there were tears in her blue eyes, and the man was standing above them, his hands gripped tight, his jaws set.

Here, somehow, amid all this dead atmosphere of furniture and impersonal emptiness, lay the hint of a living human presence; and with such conviction did it come upon me, that my hand instinctively gripped the pistol in my pocket before I could even think.

" He put out his hand, and I gripped it warmly.

Hilda glanced down at her, astonished, and saw in her eyes an almost childish appeal, weak and passionate, which gripped the heart painfully.

It stopped him short, and his hands gripped involuntarily.

" I saw her clasping fingers convulsively grip the rail, and, even at that distance, marked a sudden flame of color in her cheeks.

" He put out a big, hairy fist, and I gripped it heartily, decidedly liking the man as his eyes frankly met mine.

" It was five feet, and up, my purchase the tossing boat, but I made it, one hand desperately gripping a shroud, until I gained balance and was flung inboard by a sharp plunge of the vessel.

Unconsciously she gripped into hard knots of flesh and bone, both hands, while she bit at her underlip until a red drop of blood started from the gash made in the tender skin by her teeth.

And as Joan's arms hugged Kazan's great shaggy head up to her he heard the whining gasping joy of the beast and the sobbing whispering voice of the girl, and with tensely gripped hands he faced the Sun Rock.

Yet he kept his feet, blindly gripping for me, driven almost crazy by the pain of my last blow, and the jeers of his mates.

A little girl with flaxen curls and patched overalls on screamed and rushed up to the man, gripping him furiously around the legs just above the knees and trying her little best to shake him.

His hands gripped hers impetuously.

the boy burst out, impulsively gripping the hand of his champion.

He gripped the hammer in his hand joyfully, eager to smite featureless the face which had so misled him, brought such tragic sorrow to those he had loved.

He doubled up a big right arm and laughingly gripped it.

Alexander P. Dill sat up straight, his long, bony fingerswhich Billy could still mentally see gripping the necks of those two in the saloonlying loosely upon the chair-arms.

He suddenly laid a hand on the younger man's arm, gripping it mercilessly.

When my feet are better I shall have to be away in the boats a great deal, but until then I can be nurse in chief, and so free Mrs. Burton's hands for her other work," he said, gripping the needs of the situation as plainly as if he had known them all for months instead of hours.

A wolf rarely grips and holds an enemy; he snaps and lets go, and snaps again at every swift chance; but here he must either hold fast or lose his big game; and what between holding and letting go, as the seals whirled with bared teeth and snapped viciously in turn, as they scrambled away to the sea, the wolves had a lively time of it.

The complete meaning of the scene had come to her at last, the realisation of personal menace; and a fear such as she had never before known, gripped her relentlessly.

His nervous hands gripped the worn arms of the rocker restlessly, unclosing only to take fresh hold, until the knuckles shone white.

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