52 adverbs to describe how to groped

I groped about, for a few moments, blindly; then my hands lit upon them, and I struck a light, and looked confusedly around.

There was the rub; a vaguely groping "rub" with no Aladdin's lamp to match.

For seven days the trial dragged on, as lawyers and bishops and barons anxiously groped their way through baffling legal problems which had grown out of legislation new and old.

No wonder it stirred the imagination of mediæval men dimly groping for their God.

Now her feet dragged; she groped uncertainly; she was like one gone suddenly dizzy.

Dull-witted as he was, the Sergeant seemed to catch a glimmer of light, and mentally groped towards it.

True, Angela had mechanically groped for a protecting touch.

thou giant, child-led, through the land, Tottering feebly with uncertain stride, With heavy moans along the mountain side, Groping the darkness wildly, staff in hand, Staying, deep-voiced, the quick steps of thy guide; On!

But at last the gas was turned off at the main, and he cautiously groped for his pet among his little heap of clothes under the bed.

Then came the supreme joy of the awakening, with a new life by her side, a baby-girl groping helplessly for the mother's breast.

His mind, still absorbed in the events which he had been relating, groped backward.

And, all at once, as if the abyss itself suggested to him the frightful solution for which he had been vainly groping, in his growing madness, for two days past, he thought that he could hear a voice calling him from below, the voice of Blaise, which cried: "Come with the other one!

He who so believes, climbs rapidly the heavenly hills, whilst the unbelievers continue to grope darkly and painfully in the fog-bound valleys.

Then the fancy came that the curtain stirred and swayed as if some one or something was groping feebly with ghostly or ghastly fingers behind it.

His fingers groped feverishly in the cavernous folds of his overcoat pocket.

And then the melody was lost in a depth, and the song became turgid and wild and wilder, hysteric, irresolute, frantically groping, until at last it found its peace and its salvation.

But her hand felt so queer, so unaccustomed, so naked, that she had found herself slipping the narrow band on again, and her thumb groped for it, gratefully.

Gerald groped hastily around the table, and flung an arm about his shoulders.

Help!' Haswell, alone in his room on the second floor, was groping about in the dark.

I lived the life of a blind creature in a fright, groping aimlessly about.

Having got the idea, though indistinctly, they groped about in vain for words with which to express it.

And now he followed his brothers down the narrow stairs that they had so innocently groped their way up in darkness the night before.

Behind an inner glazed enclosure, with its one window dimmed by a sooty perspective barred with chimneys, he seated himself at a dusty littered desk, and groped instinctively for the support of the scrap basket.

Our savage forebears were but superior animals groping laboriously after economic security and a social condition that would yield most prolifically the fruit of all the world's desire, happiness; to-day, when we swing back to something akin to savagery, we do it for lust of gain, like our forebears, but we do it wittingly.

"W-where is it!" stammered the young man, groping nervously in the dark car.

52 adverbs to describe how to  groped  - Adverbs for  groped
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