16 adverbs to describe how to guest

We welcome you, as a guest aboard.

Saepe tribus, etc.: often you would see three couches with four guests apiece.

He had never loved her more than this evening when she seemed so removed from him, so easily and brilliantly a guest of honor.

"No," said the Chief Lady Guest firmly, "we do not.

Choose such men as thou dost need, and go thou east while I will wend to the west, and see that each of us bringeth back some goodly guest to dine this day beneath the greenwood tree.

Yet more I bless'd Thy vision of sweet lovekind, trustful, true Lighting the citron-grovesa heavenly guest With such pure smiles as Paradise once knew.

Thanks, lovely hostess; we are homely guests.

Meantime the Chief Lady Guest, known to be in suffrage work, was pinching up her lips and getting her phrases ready, like a harpooner waiting to strike.

Doctor Mary's Paying Guest was of the house-party, not merely a dinner guest.

You guest very neere it, but his shoulder Has sav'd that joynt.

The company usually assembled in the drawing-room, about fifteen or twenty minutes before dinner, and the president spoke to every guest personally on entering the room.

"Two other guests of Lord Arthur's swore positively that after Chipps had announced the visitor, their host stayed at the card-table until a quarter to eleven, when evidently he went out to join Colonel McIntosh in the garden.

To find Arthur established here, with his poor invalid wifenothing had been more unexpected, and, alack, more unwelcome, considering the relations between them and John FenwickFenwick who was practically her father's guest and hers.

In Europe the monkey is a cynic, in South America an overworked slave, in Africa a citizen, but in India an imp,I mean to the eye of the Western stranger, for in the estimation of the native he is mythologically a demigod, and socially a guest.

By nature as cheerful a gossip as ever wore a scratch wig and lived to be inquisitive, he sat mum through the evening, and barely listened while the landlord talked big of his guest upstairs, his curricle and fashion, the sums he lost at White's, and the plate in his dressing-case.

"Sorry to bother you," said the guest weakly.

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