293 adverbs to describe how to hanging

But the next few days hung heavily.

Stood for a moment, her plumage drooping damply to her shoulders, blue foulard dress snagged in two places, her gold mesh bag with the sapphire-and-diamond top hanging low from the crook of her little finger.

His shell was all of two feet in diameter, and his scaly arms, as they hung loosely over the side of the rock, were as large as the wrists of a man.

His jaws hung loose.

He threw out his legs beneath the table and sat back, hands deep in pockets, and a toothpick hanging limp from between lips that were sagging.

More boards were laboriously turned out to make the great swing-shelf to hang up high in the angle of the roof, where the provisions might be stored out of reach of possible marauders.

Mrs. Rosenberg was coming up, partly to see if her daughter was knitting, and partly to hang a paper bag on the long pole overhead.

" The Colonel went home, hung his trophy outside to freeze, and found the Trio had decamped to the Little Cabin.

It was a picture of a pine-wood, with a small girl in a blue frock and white pinafore and red stockings, crying bitterly under a tree, in the branch of which a doll hung limply, thrown there by cruel brothers.

His hair stood up like a freshly laundried, dustless mop; his shirt was dirty; his pipe hung listlessly in his mouthupside down, and a three days' crop of black beard peppered his face.

The floor was strewn with skins of animalsmostly coyotes, a few deer and one or two mountain lionsand the walls were thickly hung with weapons and trophies of the chase.

She might actually have wished in fact that he shouldn't now have seemed so tremendously struck with her; since it was an extraordinary situation for a girl, this crisis of her fortune, this positive wrong that the flagrancy, what she would have been ready to call the very vulgarity, of her good looks might do her at a moment when it was vital she should hang as straight as a picture on the wall.

how very soon This silly little fly, Hearing his wily, flattering words, Came slowly flitting by; With buzzing wings she hung aloft, Then near and nearer drew Thought only of her brilliant eyes, And green and purple hue; Thought only of her crested head Poor foolish thing!

Heavy, and dull, and cloudy is the night, 215 No star supplies the comfort of it's light, Glimmer the dim-lit Alps, dilated, round, And one sole light shifts in the vale profound; While, opposite, the waning moon hangs still, And red, above her melancholy hill.

He hung fondly by his god-father's side; and it was his delight to walk in the Parks and hear Dobbin talk.

By means of a crafty female their practices were detected; the whole society were arrested and put to the torture, and the old woman, whose name was Spara, and four others, were publicly hanged.

It was a human figure, but hardly recognizable as such, on account of the fact that it now hung head downward, with one leg firmly gripped by the tenacious slip-noose, and the other, together with a pair of wildly flung arms, cutting all sorts of eccentric circles through the air.

Even at such a time, when our lives were literally hanging in the balance, I found somewhat of comfort in the thought that Sergeant Corney was with me, and not very far away Peter Sitz could probably see us.

Not another sail was visible on the whole of the watery expanse, with the exception of one that hung lazily from its yard, in a small bark that was pulling towards St. Gingoulph, bearing Savoyards returning to their homes from the other side of the lake, and which, in that delusive landscape, appeared to the eye to be within a stone's throw of the base of the mountain, though, in truth, still a weary row from the land.

Hyzyya lets her sash hang gracefully, Down-falling to the earth, in fold on fold.

On the bare floor stood an open trunk from which a fur-trimmed pale pink opera cloak hung carelessly.

Thenceforth he merely hangs together;simple cohesion is the utmost approximation to action which can be truly attributed to him.

Her left hand was hanging idly by her side.

But, for the rest, the monsters waited motionless in the sunlight, their state-cloths, hung as from the old barges, from stem to stern, as motionless as themselves, except when now and again the summer breeze stirred from the south-west, lifting the lazy streamers, wafting softly the heavy embroideries, and stirring, even as the wind stirs the wheat, the glittering giants that waited to do their Lord honour.

Afterward they hung the caribou from the limb of a spruce, drawing them high enough so that no prowling wolves could reach the game.

293 adverbs to describe how to  hanging  - Adverbs for  hanging
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