369 adverbs to describe how to hearer

Now I could distinctly hear a sound of whispering, and something slithered over the panels, with a rasping, scratchy noise.

As Spalding ceased speaking, there came from away off, over the forest in the direction of the tall mountain peaks, a faint sound like the boom of a cannon, so distant that it could scarcely be heard, and yet it was distinct and palpable to the senses.

I could hear it more plainly now; it was continuous and harsha sort of droning roar, seeming to come from far away.

That bad language is used by almost all troops in the field is notorious, but in Jerusalem one seldom heard an oath or an indecent word.

I had just had time to note that it was secured, when I thought I heard a noise outside.

Once or twiceas though coming through thick mistsI heard noises, faintly.

Immediately afterward, I heard his barks increase in depth and number, and in between there sounded a noise of confused jabbering.

Well, then, if your Methodist Church could find a method with labor, it would get hold of the same sort of common people as the ones who heard Jesus gladly.

" Watching narrowly its effect he swung off into one of the genuine old crooning voodoo songs, once so common down South, now so rarely heard.

Do you not consider your errorhow shall we put itquite inexcusable in view of the other things you have doubtless heard?

But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

" "I implore you to hear me patiently," I cried.

Oh, talk of Him in solitary glooms Where o'er the rock the scarcely waving pine Fills the brown shade with a religious awe; And ye, whose bolder note is heard afar, Who shake the astonished world, lift high to heaven Th' impetuous song, and say from whom you rage.

Hoarse shouts, indistinguishable and ominous, could be vaguely heard from the staff and line.

It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another; so that there were few of the barbarian nations that she answered by an interpreter.

All of a sudden I heard a sound and saw a face and the hair round the face was all hanging down and it gave me a scare, kind of.

Thus rode they through the leafy by-ways, avoiding town and village; yet oft from afar they heard the joyous throb of bells upon the air, or the sound of merry voices and happy laughter from village commons where folk rejoiced together that Ivo's iron yoke was lifted from them at last.

Yea, here they heard continually the singing of birds, and saw every day the flowers appear in the earth, and heard the voice of the turtle in the land.

Rebecca, her friend, my Lord Steyne, and one or two more were in the drawing-room taking tea after the opera, when this shouting was heard overhead.

When they ran out into the Forum with their naked blades, they invoked him by name, saying 'Cicero!' repeatedly, as you all heard.

So that one could scarce hear a sermon, but they must give you a touch of "the Harmony of the Spheres.

Bachelor Billy heard the story calmly, asked about the means being taken for the boy's rescue, and then sat for a few moments in quiet thought.

Then suddenly, at the very moment when it seemed impossible I could struggle any longer, the painted villain sank down upon the ground as if having received his death-blow, and I dimly heard Sergeant Corney cry, cheerily: "That was a narrow squeak, lad, an' we'll hope there'll be many more of 'em before the last one comes!

Soon these, too, were gone, and the casket was refastened and carried out by the shrinking bearers, leaving in those darkened rooms a trail of desolation which was only broken from time to time by the now faint and barely heard reiteration of the name of her who had just been borne away!

We hear much nowadays concerning the universal struggle for existence, but no struggle in the common meaning of the word was manifest here; no recognition of danger by any tree; no deprecation; but rather an invincible gladness as remote from exultation as from fear.

369 adverbs to describe how to  hearer  - Adverbs for  hearer