86 adverbs to describe how to heavies

The Generals, with one eye on the enemy and the other on the weather, must have been dismayed in the third week of November at the gathering storm clouds which in bursting flooded the plain with rains unusually heavy for this period of the year.

The whole of the artillery of two divisions opened a bombardment of the line at eight o'clock, but the Turks showed more willingness to concede ground on the east than at Katrah, where the machine-gun fire was exceptionally heavy.

The country still maintained its variable character, travelling near the river being exceedingly heavy on account of the sand.

The gripsack which he carried grew strangely heavy, and he felt faint and weary.

Though it was terribly heavy going, and the snow in places up to our girths, we covered the five miles lying between Patchinar and the foot of the Kharzán in a little over three hoursgood going considering the state of the road.

They were enormously tall, and tremendously heavy.

"A pretty big one, too, and oh," as she attempted to lift one end, "awfully heavy.

The Dutch character of the bark was very apparent here, in the excessively heavy deck beams, and the general gloom of the interior, finished off in dark wood and ornamented with carved paneling.

So away we went, jingling and clanking through the quiet night until we came up with the Polesfine old soldiers all of them, though a trifle heavy for their horses.

But the side wind was so dreadfully heavy that, as regards the wants of the case, this day is quite thrown away.

We saw here some old pieces of iron armour, immensely heavy.

The specially heavy work of the preceding sessionthe session in which, as already described, he had undertaken part of the work of the Church History class in addition to the full tale of his ownhad overtaxed his strength, and, acting on the advice of Dr. Maclagan and his Edinburgh medical adviser, he had cancelled all his engagements for the summer.

If we suppose the globe to be covered with a universal ocean, it can hardly be doubted that the cold of the regions towards the poles must tend to cause the superficial water of those regions to contract and become specifically heavier.

This they did at last, and so mazed was he with the fall, being a mighty heavy man, that he scarcely resisted.

Fortunately the distance was even shorter than I had anticipated, but, when I finally emerged upon the opposite beach, it was at once quite evident that the sea beating upon the sand was decidedly heavier than higher up the Bay, the white line of breakers showing conspicuously even in the night, while their continuous roar sounded loud through the silence.

She entered the war nine months after the British Empire, but her losses, when the war ended, had been proportionately heavier than ours.

This event, so distressing to all our fellow-citizens, must be peculiarly heavy to you, who have long been associated with him in deeds of patriotism.

Men whose blood had been thinned by summer heat in the desert were now called upon to endure long hours of piercing cold, with their clothes wet through and water oozing out of their boots as they stood, with equipment made doubly heavy by rain, caked with mud from steel helmet to heel, and the toughened skin of old campaigners rendered sore by rain driven against it with the force of a gale.

In the Regent's Park they are also very numerous; but are seldom heavier than three quarters of a pound.

There was the deeply-rutted old Hudson Bay trail, over which went the fabulously heavy loads of fur long agograss-grown now and broken with badger holes; there was "the trail," hard and firm, in the full pride of present patronage, defying the invasion of the boldest blade of grass; and by the side of it, faint and shadowy, like a rainbow's understudy, ran "the new trail," strong in the certainty of being the trail in time.

" "But," said I, "though our luggage is far less heavy than would be that of a bride on Earth, and Eveena's forms the smallest portion of it, I should fancy that it must be inconveniently heavy for a balloon.

Schmitt was holding the schooner close up in the wind, which, however, was barely heavy enough to keep the sails full.

One day there arrived a bulky parcel for Narcissus; so bulky indeed and so suspiciously heavy, that it bore signs of several agitated official inspections, and nothing short of official deference to Endymion (under cover of whom it was addressed) could account for its having come through at all.

She was a decidedly plain girl with a thick nose and a wide mouth set in a grim line above an extraordinarily heavy chin.

It is singular enough that Saxony is the only country where English goods are allowed to be imported free of duty; but our great and good ally the King of Prussia (as these goods must pass thro' his territory) has imposed a tolerably heavy transit duty.

86 adverbs to describe how to  heavies  - Adverbs for  heavies
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