151 adverbs to describe how to hided

Thenceforth she turned her strivings after truth To winning outward charm the more complete, And hid her inner self more deeply 'neath

As she picked it up and proceeded to hide it securely away beneath the baby's many wrappings, the pedlar said, in a voice rendered hoarse and indistinct by the spirits he had partaken of in such unaccustomed quantities: "Here, my dear, take it.

Then he carried his treasure to a cupboard, where he hid it safely behind a row of tall bottles.

Cunningly he hid his secretsave what could not be entirely hidden, the physical deformity.

To the left, high above us, the mighty Barbe de Bouch (9624 ft.) stood out just below the clouds, in which the still loftier and very stony Pic d'Ardiden (9804 ft.) was partially hidden.

Could this indeed be the mighty wrestler of whom she had heard so many tales of late, how that he lived an anchorite, deep hidden in the green, hating the pomp and turmoil of cities, and contemning women and all their ways?

Beyond these, there was nothing to tell of the things that were hidden beneath.

The small piece of lace and muslin had been effectually hidden in the dead man's clenched hand, and his efforts to open the hand had loosened it.

These so-called roads are, however, often mere caravan-tracks, sometimes totally hidden by drifting sand or snow.

"Verily, messireO messire, thou hast indeed seen me ere this andto my bitter sorrowfor I who speak am the lady Winfrida" "Naynay" stammered Beltane, "here is thing impossiblethy night-black hair" "'Tis but a wile that many women do know, messire, a device of the witch Jolette (that is no witch, but a noble woman) a device whereby I might lie hid awhile.

One half sheet of the letter did not share the fate of the remainder, for Mrs. Corbett intercepted it and hastily hid it in her apron pocket.

It was evident now, that, in order to deceive any party that might follow them, they had entered the river and followed its bed through the water, nearly ten miles; hoping thereby to successfully hide their course.

We were summoned by white gloves to luncheon; and we lunched in a gliding palace where the heavenly dreams of a railway director had received their most luscious expressionand had then been modestly hidden by advertisements of hotels and brandy.

Since he had become master rather than lover, she yielded him obedience, and she hid away her love, not deliberately or intentionally, but rather with the impulse to protect from outrage that which was holy.

" "It all sounds very mysterious," Miss Morriston returned, her apprehension scarcely hidden by a forced smile.

Now tell the remnant of thy brother's tale, Which horror darkly hid from me before.

This river which hid itself underground doubtless emerged again at some distant spot.

You know what I ventured below for?" "To learn if there was treasure hidden aboard; you hoped such a discovery would induce the men to sail this schooner to the Chesapeake.

He was fastidious about his clothes, and his tailor cleverly hid the bulkiness of his figure.

Ah! let us tear away the veil and know the creature hidden inside of us.

There little Rawdon's time was mostly spent hidden upstairs in a garret somewhere, or crawling below into the kitchen for companionship.

On the floor between the window and an old oak table which had practically hidden it from the doorway, lay the body of a man in evening clothes, one side of his shirt-front stained a dark colour.

In the east there was a faint radiance that told of the coming of the sun, and Bessie hurried on, since she felt sure that the gypsy would not venture to travel in daylight, and must mean to hide Dolly before the coming of the sun lightened the task of his pursuers, since he must feel certain that he would be pursued, although he might have no inkling that anyone was already on his trail.

And they came anigh, going very swift, and did seem as that they were maybe forty feet high, yet having no thickness; and I hid downward into the moss-bushes.

On the bird's wing, amid the lily leaves, and on the apple bough, they also found "R. Purcel" hidden deftly from casual observation.

151 adverbs to describe how to  hided  - Adverbs for  hided
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