70 words to describe how to  honoured  - Adverbs for  honoured

70 words to describe how to honoured

Subsequently I was greatly honoured when the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and London joined in the invitation.

The cheque will be duly honoured at Messrs. Smith, Brown, and Jones, Lombard Street.

For so he honours his father most truly; for he longs and strives to be like that Father; to be good as God is good, holy as God is holy, beneficent and useful even as God is infinitely beneficent and useful; being, in one word, perfect, as his Father in heaven is perfect.

"I am deeply honoured by your confidence, Mrs. Branston," John Saltram answered, looking at her gravely with those weary haggard eyes, with the air of a man who brings his thoughts back to common life from some far-away region with an effort.

For if it may be found a fault in me, That evermore hath lov'd your majesty, Likewise to honour and to love your child; If love unto you both may be a fault

"My dear boy," he said, "and it is your birthdayI cannot honour either you or this wonderful port more properly than by drinking your health in it."

Thus, we may believe private revelations, above all, when those persons to whom they were made have been raised by the Church to the rank of Saints publicly honoured, invoked, and venerated; but, even in these cases, we may, without ceasing to be perfectly orthodox, dispute their authenticity and divine origin.

And they also in return paid honour to all the sons of Pritha, and were similarly honoured by Pandu's sons.

I have already convinced her of her father's injustice and cruelty in acting thus capriciously towards one so well known and so universally honoured, and merely from a mysterious and unsatisfactory letter from a boy who knows nothing about the matter.

Very tactfully Messer Luigi let the Duke know that his attentions were acceptable, and that he and his good wife were vastly honoured by his condescension to their daughter.

[Footnote 2: The English "Honesty" and "Honour" alike fail to convey the full force of the Latin honestus.

Well, as I was sayin', when His Majesty so graciously honoured Sir Dinny and myself, we held a long and lengthy consultation and came to the conclusion after a good deal of consideration, that it might be as well not to hurry Finbarr's marriage.

He was also posthumously honoured with the Sport PEI President’s Award in 1998.

He had leisure; he had money; he had the worldly honours that he was fond of; he occupied himself in perfecting the Jerusalem; and he wrote his beautiful pastoral, the Aminta, which was performed before the duke and his court to the delight of the brilliant assembly.

I felt that she was now my only parent; I strove, earnestly strove, to love her; yet ever when I looked in her face, she would seem to me to be the very identical person whom I should have once thought sufficiently honoured by a slight inclination of the head, and a civil How do you do, Mrs. Withers?

Why Goldsmith's grave should thus be specially honoured, he a little wondered.

He made much of his Picts, and honoured them more sweetly than ever before.

It would have been worth a great deal to some men, to have known what an Ellipsis is; and the man who shall yet make such knowledge common, ought to be forever honoured in the schools.

how hale you virtuous honour forth!

And freely mighty kings thereof partake, Freely great cities, freely honoured friends.

The king welcomed him with marvellous joy, honouring him right gladly.

But I think it the peculiar happiness of the Countess of Abingdon to have been so truly loved by you while she was living, and so gratefully honoured after she was dead.

"The household of Clavelta are safe and honoured henceforth as no other in the land.

Most importantly, increased funding in home care honours the interests of older persons and provides the necessary supports so that they can recuperate or spend their last days surrounded by loved ones at home in their communities.

So with white face and shaking form he reached the barrier, and knelt as Esmo rose from his place, honouring instinctively, though his eyes seemed incapable of discerning them, the symbols of supreme authority.

Internally, I was honoured to attend the retirements of Luke Grenning, a long standing staff member who had worked both in the simulation and the animal laboratory and Dr. John McLean, a scientist in the Division of Biomedical Sciences.

Its most earnest champions were Rowland Hill and Mrs. Hannah More; but it is worthy of note that this excellent lady, justly honoured as a pioneer of elementary education, confined her curriculum to the Bible and the Catechism, and "such coarse works as may fit the children for servants.

she who despised the glory of the world, and refused the company of magnates, is magnificently honoured by the dignity of the Pontifical office, and the reverent care of Imperial Majesty.

For this Arthur in his day was loved right well of the poor, and honoured meetly by the rich.

Though he were to represent Coalchester in the House of Commons, what honour were there in that to one already so mysteriously honoured?

Which, as I understood, put an end to anyI mean it not offensively, honoured sirto any connection between us?'

Waka Nené was given a pension of £100 a year, and ostentatiously honoured and consulted.

If, indeed, the hostess wishes to show particular favour to some peculiarly honoured guests, she may introduce them to others, whose acquaintance she may imagine will be especially suitable and agreeable.

This is Ovid's version of the story, to which he adds as the moral of it, "Those who piously honour the gods are themselves held in honour."

As she would have said, a wife deserved the sandal for speaking without leave; norexperience notwithstandingwould she think it safe to interrupt in my presence a favourite so pointedly honoured as Eveena. '

Possibly the two first-named magistrates were thus honoured to induce them not to eat the third.

Additionally, StFX English honours students, Renée Proctor and Alejandra Torres, who are both supervised by Dr. Nilges, will attend as conference organizers.

He blazed and fumed indignantly on behalf of his sisters, in the sanctuary of that little study,a spot where the despot seldom set foot; and out of this comparatively trivial cause had sprung a mighty resolution, which he and she whom he proudly honoured as "sister and friend" had, after some girding of the loins, repaired to the front parlour this evening to communicate.

And I'm sure, regardless of which party we belong to, we can honour the magnanimity of that moment.

However the request was reportedly never honoured.

It is fundamentally about the service the Canadian Forces provide, and how Canadian citizens should respectively honour their sacrifices in public.

And knowledge, rightly honoured with that name Knowledge not purchased by the loss of power!

I say Wednesday because that will give me time to ask some nice people to meet you; secondly, that you will honour me by occupying my box at the Lyceum some evening next week; and thirdly, that you will allow me to drive you down to the Orleans for supper after the play.

Murray, in whose illustrations the word king occurs early one hundred times, seldom honours his Majesty with a capital; and, what is more, in all this mawkish mentioning of royalty, nothing is said of it that is worth knowing.

Subsequently I was greatly honoured when the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and London joined in the invitation.

I say Wednesday because that will give me time to ask some nice people to meet you; secondly, that you will honour me by occupying my box at the Lyceum some evening next week; and thirdly, that you will allow me to drive you down to the Orleans for supper after the play.

We discovered that persons with two-spiritedness within the First Nations worldview have been traditionally honoured for their sex-and-gender differences in spiritual and social live contexts.

"I shall be so tremendously honoured I shall hardly know how to express it.

She was twice honoured by Flin Flon as an outstanding citizen.

Verily We have honoured the children of Adam.