108 adverbs to describe how to hurts

He's too badly hurt to overcome me in case we are tempted to fight our battles over again.

Hassan Bey looked at me curiously for a momentthen smiled and offered me a cigarette, assuring me that he believed me a loyal citizen, and declaring he felt deeply hurt that I had not come to him for permission to visit the cruiser.

I was terribly hurt about Miss Townsend.

How could he get through life without being too sorely hurt and wounded, without being cut to the very quick by his inevitable discoveries?

Still they gained not upon them; the Osages, though soon severely hurt, preserving the same undaunted front, and returning their missiles with unabated vigour.

"No, sir; but mortally hurt, I'm thinkin'.

" "But if you could eat something you would be able to move," Dick ventured, cruelly hurt at the implied delinquency.

"She thought you were sincere, and believed you, and now she's dreadfully hurt about it.

"It hurts horribly, I know.

"You are not dangerously hurt, papa?" "Bless you, no!

"O lad," quoth he, smiling his wry smile, "here was an hour worth living forthough Sir Bertrand is sore hurt and many do lie dead of my company.

The blow almost knocked Steve back again as he had been before, and must have hurt considerably; but he ignored this fact just then, because from without there were coming loud yells of fright in a man's voice.

"Poor fellow!" exclaimed the captain, as the three approached the spot; "it is to be hoped Blodget's bullet did its commission faithfully, else the fall must have hurt him sadly.

And it's just because you're man enough to feel this thing and not a brute beast to forget it, that it's hurt you so infernally all these years.

"If you take this poor, starved creature, it shall be without doing him bodily hurt.

It would hurt her so awfully.

It hurt keenly until Darrin was able to dodge out from under and hurriedly reach the bottom.

Except for some extraordinary reason I would not grievously hurt an animal; with an extraordinary reason I would grievously hurt him.

" His tone hurt her subtly, wounding her more deeply than she had realized that he had it in his power to wound.

The pain was not a twinge, it was not an ache, it was just a faintly simmering, vaguely hurting thing, enough to keep a man awake.

I believe him to be an honest and amiable gentleman who will not willingly hurt even a fly.

But somehow or other I do feel that this is going to hurt you frightfully, and, oh, Dick, do forgive me.

Besides, while she would suffer it would hurt her husband worse.

I still feel badly about it to this day, for I would never have intentionally hurt the old gentleman's feelings.

As though I had hurt him physically, he shut his eyes, and when again he opened them I saw in them distress.

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