25 adverbs to describe how to hushed

"Say, Bert, youyou ain't seen Florette anywheres?" "Why, ye-yeah." "Where is she, Bert?" There was a deathly hush.

This located the sick chamber, and unconsciously he hushed his step and moved with the greatest caution, though he knew that this sickness was not one of the nerves, and that the loudest sound would fail to reach ears lapsed in a blessed, if alarming, unconsciousness.

The scenery grew wilder and wilder as they glided forward and the talk gradually became hushed into a half awed contemplation of the wilderness which closed about them.

Woe-begone | mother, half | anger, half | agony, Over thy | shoulder thou | lookest to | hush the babe, Bleakly the | blinding snow | beats in thy | haggard face.

Only Young Bauer evinced a slight inclination to taunt him, but was curtly hushed up.

"I've got the dagger, as you see, and old Bellett's getting about again, so that the whole business can be hushed up, decently.

That he himself partook of the general opinion is shown by the circumstance that the matter was diligently hushed up in that day; and those most familiar with the ancient records of the State averred, that upon the pages of the missing volume was spread matter amply sufficient to account for its theft and destruction by the late Col. Isaac Beardsley.

But such persons no sooner speak out, than the two hostile parties hush their strife, in order the more effectually to overwhelm with just and unjust imputations those who dare to utter truth that has not yet been consecrated by Act of Parliament or by Church Councils.

But he hushed guiltily, and Louise noted everything and determined he should not escape punishment.

My voice had become involuntarily hushed.

"And, lastly, regret and passion are alike hushed in the presence of that voiceless love which shines on the face of the dead and before the eternal and tranquil slumber of the grave.

Orlando di Lasso, "one of the morning stars of modern times," whose music was so beautiful that once at Munich a thunder-storm was miraculously hushed at the first note of one of his motets, lived a love-life much like Schumann's, save that he seems to have had no hard-hearted parents to strengthen and purify his resolve.

The gradual hush of the empty ravine whirrs noisily in the ear of the young woman.

But his own in reply sank lower, far away, and oddly hushed.

Junior whined and insisted that he wanted b-bacon for his b-bunny, and the man hushed him querulously and asked Casey what the chances were for getting under way.

The priest crept up the staircase, the doors were closed, the few of the faithful who were present hushed themselves respectfully, and so, with every circumstance of secrecy and sanctity, with the cross uplifted and the prayers poured out, was consummated the last great act of logical unbelief.

" Ainsley "sh-sh-shed" him to silence, and at the same time was a little amused and a great deal relieved to hear the German in front of him similarly hush down the few low exclamations of his party.

All the voices of all his books, speaking to him from lands and ages, grew simultaneously hushed.

"I was only looking for Mr. Marrin, and here he is!" As Mr. Marrin came up, more and more machines stopped, as if by contagion, and the place grew strangely hushed.

As to little Philip, his curious inquiries about Cousin Sedley being in jail for murdering Penny Grim had to be summarily hushed by the assurance that such things were not to be spoken about.

Parliament is not sitting, and the voice of the Pro-Boche and the Pro-Bolsh is temporarily hushed.

But does it know all the promises you made and broke? CONN (angrily) Hush now; I'll hear no more.

Voice after voice broke and hushed utterly.

Now was the nun hushed awhile, and when at last she spake her voice was low and wondrous gentle.

I know it now; even with the sanctity of those crimsoned mosses, and the hush of the rest beneath, so close to my heart, I cannot forget them.

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