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196 adverbs to describe how to « improves »

196 adverbs to describe how to « improves »

  • It cannot be denied that Mrs. Behn has greatly improved Wilkins' scenes.
  • His health rapidly improves; and at length he hears that the old Omrah's health is rapidly declining.
  • In the winter of 1841, a succession of family events from time to time occupied her attention, her strength gradually improving, till at the beginning of 1842 she again took part in public proceedings.
  • These remove the objections that have been made to the house, are more fanciful and beautiful than convenient and habitable; the gardens have also been considerably improved, and now display all the beauties of modern planting.
  • It would be odd indeed if eight hundred years of Christian government, four hundred of them enjoying the infinite blessings bestowed by the Reformation and the Protestant religion, had not vastly improved these institutions for the reception of the very poor.
  • You will not enjoy this; but the situation, hard as it may prove, has certainly improved so far as you are concerned.
  • The country clergy, again, are steadily improving.
  • Of course, I am rather a Philistine, and I grate on him at timesthat is, I used to, but he says I have improved wonderfully.
  • McKinley dramatically improved the memory hierarchy and allowed Itanium to become reasonably competitive.
  • But he thought not of such consequences resulting from the intimacy of Henrich and Oriana: he only saw that his child was happy, and that she daily improved in grace and intelligence, and in the skilful and punctual performance of all her domestic duties; and he was well satisfied that he had not shed the blood of the Christian youth on the grave of his lost Tekoa.
  • Those who do not take part in new discoveries, nevertheless, wish to know now and then the results of the observations made with constantly improved instruments.
  • But from that time he improved slowly but steadily, and before very long he was able to lie once more in his father's arms, and to stroke his face with his little thin hand.
  • MILK OR BUTTER.Milk which is not perfectly sweet will not only injure the flavour of the bread, but, in sultry weather, will often cause it to be quite uneatable; yet either of them, if fresh and good, will materially improve its quality.
  • Relieved from the constant strain of fear and anxiety, my health was quickly improving, and the improvement became more rapid after I went down with my mother to Folkestone.
  • They came, and gave the directions which the disease required, and from that time I have been continually improving in articulation.
  • I am not even convinced that the race can substantially improve.
  • When our Statesmen are sufficiently improved by these several Instructors, they are to receive their last Polishing from one who is to act among them as Master of the Ceremonies.
  • It may fairly be presumed that, through the agency of such a government, the condition of all the tribes inhabiting that vast region may be essentially improved; that permanent peace may be preserved with them, and our commerce be much extended.
  • Tyrrell's private performance with the Adorned C. is one that irresistibly reminds the spectator of Lieutenant Cole's with his figures, and would scarcely be improved by ventriloquism itself.
  • Opinions differ as to which is the best cosmetic, but Hairmero, the dressing prepared for the purpose by Miss D. Wilmer, of Yoxford, Suffolk, could not easily be improved upon for this or any other long-coated breed.
  • [Illustration: NO. 7] Do you not see that this type is immensely improved by the arrangement of the coiffure in No. 8?
  • Before gender reassignment surgery was massively improved in later years, transgender people had a hard time being accepted.
  • The women in particular have improved astonishingly in their dress and manners.
  • They have done a great deal, whatever may be said; they are disposed to do still more, and their attitude has improved visibly within a year.
  • I scarcely know of any subject, the contemplation of which is more pleasing, than that of the correction or of the removal of any of the acknowledged evils of life; for while we rejoice to think that the sufferings of our fellow-creatures have been thus, in any instance, relieved, we must rejoice equally to think, that our own moral condition must have been necessarily improved by the change.
  • He added that Frank is a very humble person and a great guy, therefore he would definitely improve under him.
  • I would that all diligently improve the daylight, while they can.
  • Let it not be urged, my lords, that politicks are advanced since the time of Cromwell, and that errours which might then be committed by the wisest administration, are now gross and reproachful; we are to remember that every part of policy has been equally improved, and that if more methods of discovery have been struck out, there have been likewise more arts invented of eluding it.
  • I wore the pink silk, and Héloise was delighted with it, she says you could not possibly improve upon the style you dress me init
  • I have desired this and worked for it, as far as I could, through the last Balkan crisis, and, Germany having a corresponding object, our relations sensibly improved.
  • The South is now commencing a new campaign, and is to confront a navy hourly improving, and an invulnerable fleet, armed with cannon more effective than any yet used in naval warfare.
  • No doubt children do improve enormously in open-air camps, but so they do in ordinary Nursery Schools, where they are clean, happy and well fed, and where they live a regular life with daily sleep.
  • If we can limit community spread, it drastically improves our chances of opening face-to-face,Engel said.
  • We came to what was really a curiositytwo kinds of trees growing from one trunk, which this concentration of bores, this mitrailleuse, in fact, improved accordingly.
  • "I shall now show you, Sir George Templemore," said John Effingham, "what is peculiar to this country, and what, if properly improved, it is truly worth a journey across the ocean to see.
  • No doubt children do improve enormously in open-air camps, but so they do in ordinary Nursery Schools, where they are clean, happy and well fed, and where they live a regular life with daily sleep.
  • You laughed at me at first, but I've improved marvellously.'
  • When, after a long voyage, we reached Madras, my health was evidently improved; but a piece of intelligence I here received, had perhaps a still greater effect I learnt that Balty Mahu, who had kept himself concealed from me before I left Benares, had lately visited Madras, on a travelling tour.
  • Positively you improve upon acquaintance.
  • She was the pioneer of the movement to improve the condition of women morally, socially, and intellectually.
  • "You have merely improved on the idea of my moving faster than the train when I was going to the smoking car?" "Precisely.
  • Indians have improved consistently at the Commonwealth and Asian Games, and, while the progress has been a lot slower at the Olympic platform, there is hope.
  • My dear little Nony [Footnote: Mr. Croker's adopted daughter, afterwards married to Sir George Barrow.] was worse last night, and not better all to-day; but this evening they make me happy by saying that she is decidedly improved.
  • But there must be no change in the kind of diet if the health of the child is good, and its appearance perceptibly improving.
  • In addition to this consideration, my father's reputation made his office a desirable resort for students, who, furthermore, not only improved their opportunities by reading Blackstone, Kent, and Story, but also by making love to the Judge's daughters.
  • For, though it made his company exceedingly coveted, and might have recommended him to the great, as well as to the ingenious, yet he was of a temper not to chuse his acquaintance by interest, and slighted such an opportunity of recommending himself to the powerful and opulent, as, if wisely improved, might have procured him dignities and preferments.
  • These are all landmark decisions by the apex court and hopefully the situation for LGBT rights will improve more in future.
  • "Here is an instance of toil rewarded," said Mr. Heron, promptly improving the occasion.
  • Finally, managers of m-health services must constantly identify the changing needs of their customers and continuously improve their services accordingly.
  • Brother Woodhead's early opportunities were limited, but with great devotion to his calling, he had carefully improved his time after entering the Ministry.
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