5 adverbs to describe how to indigestibles

And first, of SALADS, and HERBS used in cooking; such as asparagus, artichokes, spinage, plantain, cabbage, dock, lettuce, water-cresses, chives, &c. Several of these substances are often eaten raw, in which state they are exceedingly indigestible, at the best; and they are rendered still more beyond the reach of the powers of the stomach, by the oil or vinegar which is added to them.

The White Star was notoriously unsanitary, its food poisonously indigestible; but as Spike's eyes were held hypnotically by the light he thought of two thingswithin the circle of that light he could find heat and a scalding liquid which was flavored with coffee.

TOAST.Toasting, if properly done, renders bread more digestible, the starch being converted into dextrine by the toasting process; but by the ordinary method of preparing toast, that of simply browning each side, only the surfaces of the slices are really toasted, while the action of the heat upon the interior of the slice, it is rendered exactly in the condition of new bread, and consequently quite as indigestible.

What is green cheese, I wonder?it sounds horribly indigestible and unattractive, doesn't it?"

Six varos make a good meal, with bread and wine, and they are most enjoyable hotalso most indigestible.

5 adverbs to describe how to  indigestibles  - Adverbs for  indigestibles