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We regard Mr. Beck, not as a casual visitor, but as a firm friend to whom we owe much; he has been here again and again and we hope will often repeat his visits, and Englishmen will never forget how, at a crisis in our fate, Mr. James Beck profoundly influenced the judgment of the neutral world and vindicated, by his masterly and sympathetic argument, the justice of our cause.

" It is with such themes and speculations that Tennyson has powerfully and impressively influenced his age.

Even in the days of the great and autocratic Dowager Empress, Tzu Hsi, who had no love for "reform," but knew how to accept and adapt herself to the situation, it was evident that a change, deeply influencing the political life and destinies of China, was in process of development.

There seems ample evidence to prove that the Romanized Celts whom our Teutonic forefathers found here influenced materially the character of our nation.

THE QUALITY OF THE FLESH OF AN ANIMAL is considerably influenced by the nature of the food on which it has been fed; for the food supplies the material which produces the flesh.

I have mentioned the reasons for these proceedings, derived from my own position; but, of course, I am mainly influenced by a consideration for Canning.

How is my mother?" It might have been native coyness, or even coquetry, that unconsciously to herself influenced Maud's answer.

In his vote he was solely influenced by strong but conscienscious republican principles; he resides here with his wife and two sons; he was considered as one of the best engineer officers in France and he opposed the nomination of Napoleon to the Imperial dignity in 1804.

" So strongly, so confidently did she speak this word, that the young man went on, manifestly influenced by it, hesitating no more in his speech.

A court to be a fit tribunal to administer the municipal law impartially, or even relatively impartially, must be a small body of men, holding by a permanent and secure tenure, guarded from all pressure which may unduly influence them.

Doubtless we are all influenced by the standards of our own time, and the advances making in literature as well as in science and art.

Nor did he seek to found a system or a school, but merely to influence and instruct men of his own rank.

Leaving her mainly to herself, she could be to some extent indirectly influenced,not otherwise.

The first, of thirty years, includes his youth and early manhood, in which time he was influenced almost exclusively by French literary models.

Its success is also due to the fact that its framers were little influenced by the spirit of doctrinarianism.

None the less, it wouldn't do to be too readily influenced in his favour.

'But you forget that I am still in ignorance of the preceding causes, which produced the revolution in your sentiments, and consequently influenced your actions after I left the farm,' said Murray, interrupting him.

Gradually, during the long process, selfishness has grown more intelligent, with a broader view of individual benefit from the common good, and gradually the influences of nobler standards of altruism, of justice, and human sympathy have impressed themselves upon the conception of right conduct among civilized men.

It may be that you are not desirous of cultivating or practicing the power of influencing other persons psychically.

' This is a singularly straightforward way of stating a view which silently influences a much greater number of men than it is pleasant to think of.

She had been insensibly influenced by a different point of view, perhaps also by a difference in her own feeling; and the vision of herself as the mother of the future Marquis de Chelles was softened to happiness by the thought of giving Raymond a son.

How remarkably these interstitial cells influence the entire structure and vitality of the organism is indicated by these facts.

The works of "Dionysius" were translated from Greek into Latin by the great Irish philosopher and scholar, John Scotus Erigena (Eriugena), and in that form they widely influenced later mediæval mysticism.

They are nebulae, swirling into each other, influencing and being influenced continually.

Here, then, to return, is the reason why the hearts of the present generation have been influenced so mightily by these men, rather than by those of whom Byron wrote, with perfect sincerity: Scott, Rogers, Campbell, Moore, and Crabbe will try 'Gainst you the question with posterity.

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