66 adverbs to describe how to inserting

It is inserted merely to show that this mode of trifling was not unknown to the Orientals.

This clause was expressly inserted to enable owners of slaves to reclaim them.

An application of its principles to points rightly inserted, is as easy a process as that of ordinary syntactical parsing, and perhaps as useful.

On motion of Mr. Randolph, the word "servitude" was struck out, and "service" unanimously inserted, the former being thought to express the condition of slaves, and the latter the obligations of free persons.

To insert points needlessly, is as bad a fault as to omit them when they are requisite.

If you had let me know in any private or friendly manner that you felt wounded by a sentence in which nothing but kindness was intendedor that you found it might injure the sale of your bookI would most readily and gladly have inserted a note in the next Review to qualify and explain what had hurt you.

" I would have inserted the volume bodily in this book, were it not for the fact that the General has spoken in a rather too complimentary manner of me.

It is agreed that the articles commonly inserted in other treaties of commerce for mutual and reciprocal convenience shall be inserted in this, and that this treaty and every article and stipulation therein shall continue in full force for - years, to be computed from the day of the date hereof.

Presently her head was cautiously inserted through the door.

It may be seen by inspection, that in copying these two authors, the compiler, agreeably to what he says above, omitted all names and referenceseven such as they had scrupulously inserted: and, at the outset, assumed to be himself the sole authority for all his doctrines and illustrations; satisfying his own mind with making, some years afterwards, that general apology which we are now criticising.

The booklet had 40 octavo size pages and there were two forms inserted loose into its pages; the contents of those forms appear at the end of this document.

It is then conveniently inserted into each fistula.

We shall, as heretofore, insert only so much of each advertisement as will be necessary to make the point intelligible.

Lucian rallies the Philosophers in his Time, who could not agree whether they should admit Riches into the number of real Goods; the Professors of the Severer Sects threw them quite out, while others as resolutely inserted them.

And, by reason of the various and very frequent occasions on which these definitives are required, no words are oftener misapplied; none, oftener omitted or inserted erroneously.

Full-stops have been silently inserted at the ends of speeches and each fresh speaker has been given the dignity of a fresh line: in the double-columned folio the speeches are frequently run on.

Some, wishing to immortalise their names, have engraven them deep and large, while others have tried to climb up and insert them high in this book of fame.

A latch key was impatiently inserted in the hall door.

"An ellipsis of from after the adverb off has caused the latter word sometimes to be inserted incorrectly among the prepositions.

Whether the words were accidentally omitted, or whether they were inserted inferentially, for greater clearness, by the translator, it is hard to say.

In the case of large engines with valve casings suitable for long slides, an expansion joint in the valve casing should invariably be inserted, otherwise the steam, by gaining admission to the valve casing before it can enter the cylinder, expands the casing while the cylinder remains unaltered in its dimensions, and the joints are damaged, and in some cases the cylinder is cracked by the great strain thus introduced.

In the works of some of our older poets, the apostrophe is sometimes irregularly inserted, and perhaps needlessly, to mark a prosodial synsæresis, or synalepha, where no letter is cut off or left out; as, "Retire, or taste thy folly', and learn by proof, Hell-born, not to contend with spir'its of Heaven.

Since Your Holiness has deigned to write that you are interested in everything related concerning the new continent, let us now insert, irrespective of method, a number of facts.

They surely would not afterward knowingly insert it in any treaty they might make with us.

[without a cause] is lastly inserted, to specify it from all other ordinary passions of [fear and sorrow.]

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