49 adverbs to describe how to journeyed

"Is it journeying south, or to the other end of this bit of wather, or ice, that yer honour is thinking of?"

The object of my present endeavors was to reach England, and I journeyed northward.

" Then Shalah spoke: "There was once a man of my own people who, when he came to man's strength, journeyed westward with a wife.

So they journeyed onward till they came within the verge of Sherwood Forest, when presently the Sheriff looked up and down and to the right and to the left of him, and then grew quiet and ceased his laughter.

GERMANS LEAVE SPOILS BEHIND "The enemy crossed the Marne on the return journey north under great difficulties and beneath a withering fire from the British troops, who pursued them hotly.

The journey inward.

So he took his own tribe, who still remembered the House of the Sun, and, because his heart was unquiet with longing for that which is forbidden to man, he journeyed eastward, and found a new home in a valley of these hills.

Other yuccas, cacti, low herbs, a thousand sorts, one finds journeying east from the coastwise hills.

They then journeyed onwards till they almost reached the mountains.

So I suppose we straight must journey there!

And I saw that there was a great and ruddy fire-hole anigh to me; and I was all sure that I had perceived certain caves in the wall of the Gorge, near to that fire, as I past it on mine upward way; and I had been given a mighty longing of heart at that time, that it be given to me that I should bring safe Mine Own out of the peril that beset her, and have her unto just such a place for her slumber, on the way of our journey backward.

In the West, preachers are needed, hardy laborers, who live in privations, traversing vast solitudes on horseback, and journeying continually, without repose, until their strength is exhausted.

Then she and Louisa and Mr. Gradgrind journeyed hurriedly to the town, where they found the Circus.

" The west wind whispers all night long "Oh, journey forth afar To the green and pleasant places Where little rivers are!"

Cape Branco lies S.W. of Cape Cantin, or rather S. and by W. Behind Cape Branco there is a place called Hoden, six days journey inland on camels, which is not walled, but is much frequented by the Arabs and caravans, which trade between Tombucto, and other places belonging to the Negroes, and the western parts of Barbary.

An angel now, as before, took the fifth letter from Dante's forehead; and the three poets having ascended into the sixth round of the mountain, were journeying on lovingly together, Dante listening with reverence to the talk of the two ancients, when they came up to a sweet-smelling fruit-tree, upon which a clear stream came tumbling from a rock beside it, and diffusing itself through the branches.

Therefore, Mr. Dorriforth, together with Miss Woodley, the middle-aged niece of the widow lady, Mrs. Horton, who kept his house, journeyed midway to meet her.

It is a bitter grief to see so many of you, dear friends not walking with me in spirit on the earth, and written down with me; that no more do I walk in company to the joyful and pleasant spots; that nevermore in union with you do I journey to the same place.

Far across, o'er Madagascar, faintly now the morning breaks; Thus the king of beasts his journey nightly through his empire makes.

" Sayri Tupac now received the sacred Red Fringe of Inca sovereignty, was married to a princess of the blood royal, joined her in baptism, and took up his abode in the beautiful valley of Yucay, a day's journey northeast of Cuzco, and never returned to Uiticos.

From there I journey obliquely towards the door; but if I come upon my armchair I stand on no ceremonies, but settle myself in it at once.

Even so, we were within an ace of losing two, the lashed couple in which I ordinarily journeyed.

In the summer of 1209 a great army of crusaders assembled at Lyons, and Southern France was invaded by a horde composed partly of religious fanatics, of men who were anxious to gain the indulgences awarded to crusaders without the danger of a journey overseas, and of men who were simply bent on plunder.

I cannot include those persons who journey on them night and morning perfunctorily.

And here, too, something fell down in a neighboring room,precisely as though a person, journeying in a dark chamber, had upset a heavy wooden chair.

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