79 adverbs to describe how to justified

" Mr. Cowan's confidence in his companions was amply justified.

The discussions touching the Eozoon, which commenced in 1864, have abundantly justified the fourth proposition.

The title of the collection, The Deeds of the Romans, is scarcely justified; in the main it is a garnering of all the deathless plots and dramatic motives which we find scattered up and down the ages, in the legend and folklore of whatsoever nation.

If I consider myself morally justified in taking a man's life, it is stupid of me to try first of all whether he can shoot or fence better than I; as, if he can, he will not only have wronged me, but have taken my life into the bargain.

but I am very sorry good Horatio, [Sidenote: 245] That to Laertes I forgot my selfe; For by the image of my Cause, I see [Sidenote: 262] The Portraiture of his; Ile count his fauours: [Footnote 1: Here is the charge at length in full against the kingof quality and proof sufficient now, not merely to justify, but to compel action against him.]

They did not openly justify murder, treachery, and falsehood, but they excused the same, if plausible reasons could be urged.

In a really democratic State, where the whole people had equal voices in the government and all could exercise free power of persuasion, active rebellion, I think, would be very rare and seldom justified.

Now, while the bombardment of Gallipoli may not appear from a merely human point of view, a particularly sporting performance, yet, as most of those killed were soldiers, as Gallipoli had been a staff head-quarters not long before and always has been a natural base for the defense of the Dardanelles, the attack was doubtless justified by the rules of war.

He promptly justified Johnson's confidence by publishing The Traveller (1764), which was hailed as one of the finest poems of the century.

The laws of self-defence undoubtedly justify us in destroying those animals who would destroy us, who injure our properties, or annoy our persons; but not even these, whenever their situation incapacitates them from hurting us.

in the same loathed costume, inwardly justifying the laughter of the knowing loungers as you ascend among them, and cursing yourself as the chief among ten thousand (ninnies,)the one altogether idiotic.

Then they began to justify themselves hotly.

Yet, evil though the separatist movements were, they were at times imperfectly justified by the spirit of sectional distrust and bitterness rife in portions of the country which at the moment were themselves loyal to the Union.

It had hurt Mr. Drake not a little at first, but he found Drew in consequence only the more warmly his personal friend, and since learning to know Wingfold, had heartily justified his defection; and now that he was laid up, he missed something any day that passed without a visit from the draper.

But the man who deliberately justified the loose phraseology of the Bible about infinite Being, by the plea that it was language "thrown out" at an object infinitely transcending linguistic expression, ought not himself to be pinned to the implications logically deducible from his own words "thrown out" at the same transcendant object.

" If Old Hucks thought they had all gone crazy that day he was seemingly justified in the suspicion, for his master left the baskets of good things to be consumed by himself and Nora and started to walk to the farm, the Major and Louise accompanying him.

If we only had under one roof a judiciously made collection of all the best work done by Irish artists of all styles and periods, it would more eloquently justify our claim than endless columns of praise.

Both were eminently justified.

But by England's intervention our attitude on August 4th has been still more emphatically justified.

The machine does all the rest of the work; makes the calculations and delivers the product in clean, shining new type, each piece perfect, each in its place, each line of exactly the right length, and each space between the words mathematically equalabsolutely "justified."

This negro instinct for brilliant color is the theme of many jests in the South, but it is entirely justified esthetically, although the constant sarcasm of the whites has checked its satisfaction, if it has not corrupted the taste.

And just at such a crisis, expressly to justify their burning her to a cinder, up gallops Joanna with a brigade of guns, unlimbers, and serves them out with heretical grape and deistical round-shot enough to lay a kingdom under interdict.

Months before, Sterne had written doubtfully of his being able to stand another winter in England, and his doubts were to be fatally justified.

They had been dilatory with what they had to accomplish, so self-conscious of their force were they, and had justified themselves gracefully in the event.

Of these the former delighted, even enraptured him, while he avoided the latter, even when harmonically justified, as much as possible.

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