166 adverbs to describe how to kisses

Mademoiselle Chiron stopped in her arrangement of Mrs. Holymead's hair and, bending over, kissed her affectionately.

Then she turned to Mr. Jones and with eyes swimming with tears tenderly kissed his furrowed cheek.

And I kissed my love passionately again and again upon the lips.

After he had fondly kissed her forehead several times, without withdrawing from his bosom, she parted the rich hair on his forehead, passing her hand down his face, like an infant, and said softly "Cousin Jack!"

The girl wife put her arms around his neck and kissed him softly, "You foolish boy!"

" She sprang up and, kneeling beside Beth, kissed her fervently.

Evadne caught her hand in hers and kissed it reverently.

And, hereupon, the old sailor kissed her, right heartily.

She caught him to her and kissed him repeatedly.

" He kissed her lightly, perking up her shoulder butterflies of green sequins, and standing off to observe.

Is it not just that I should now enjoy a life of ease and tranquillity?" Hindbad drew near, and kissing his hand respectfully, replied, "Sir, you have indeed known fearful perils; my troubles have been nothing compared to yours.

But, abandoning the effort, she only kissed warmly the lips, and clasped long and tenderly the hands, that had never spoken a kind word or done a kind act for her.

Both Elma and I sprang to our feet, while advancing to the Princess he bent and gallantly kissed the hand she held forth to him.

For he held her so fast that she gasped for breath, and with her head pressed back against his shoulder, he kissed her on the lips, fiercely, violently, hungrilykissed her eyes, her hair, and again her lips, sealing them closely with his own, making protest impossible.

I humbly kiss your Hands, most learned Sir.

He was livid; he could find nothing to say to her; he kissed her wildly, weeping like herself.

Then, kissing each lass sweetly, he wished them all good den, and left them.

" The subsequent conversation between the matron and the young girl seemed to put the mistress of the house in excellent humor, and when the carriage drove off she kissed all the ladies quite as rapturously as if she had never vowed undying hatred and vengeance upon the Yankee people.

He ardently kissed the musky tresses, and by them quickly ascended. Then hand in hand within the chambers they Gracefully passed.

She rose and impulsively kissed Sor Teresa.

"Have done, you silly Maria," said Lady Castlewood, adding, "Come and kiss my hand, child"; and little Harry Esmond took and dutifully kissed the lean old hand, upon the gnarled knuckles of which there glittered a hundred rings.

Quietly, gravely, with streaming tears, but with self-command which dispelled my fear of evil consequences to her, Eveena kissed the lips that were so soon to exist no longer.

"I want no thanksforgive meadieu," and hastily kissing the little hand that had lain so confidingly in his, the stranger was gone.

In reply to her eager caresses, he coldly kissed her on the forehead, and separated from her.

" Then Mathieu leant over his wife and kissed her lovingly.

166 adverbs to describe how to  kisses  - Adverbs for  kisses
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