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Florence, having taken sides with Francis, found herself in any case very badly left, with the result that at the end of 1529 Charles V's army, with the papal forces to assist, laid siege to her.

How is the ammunition?" "'Bout twenty rounds apiece left.

Dissolve in the spider the butter and add at once the beaten eggs, etc., inclining the spider to the handle for an instant and then shaking the omelet into the centre and turn up the right edge, then the left and fry briskly five minutes and serve.

[Exit hastily at left.

When he reached the intersection where he normally turned toward home, he steered right and then impulsively left, veering back into the traffic going straight ahead.

The septum of the nose is invariably perforated, and the right central incisorrarely the left, is knocked out during childhood.

She knew she was badly, incredibly left.

I wonder if there is any left inside?

Where I left, literally left, cows browsing in peace, two new quarters have risen, as if by magic,that of Portanuova, aristocratic and rich, and that of San Salvario, less showy, but not less comfortable.

Forward marchright, left, twenty-one, twenty-two [All three march over to the QUEEN who stands to the left of the room.] KING.

It annihilated the Protestants, so far as there were any left openly to defend their cause.

Opposite, left, tall trees and dense thickets.

"Let us live while we can," methinks I hear the open-handed creature exclaim; "while we have, let us not want," "here is plenty left;" "want for nothing"with many more such hospitable sayings, the spurs of appetite, and old concomitants of smoaking boards, and feast-oppressed chargers.

The houses come to their very edges, except for a narrow strip hardly to be classed as a sidewalk, originally left, presumably, only for the purpose of preventing the scraping of the front of the building by the wheels of passing carts and carriages.

He gloomily made up his mind to appeal to an old cousin in Kendal, the widow of a grocer, said to be richly left, who had once in his boyhood given him five shillings.

On the whole, however, the soles are safest left untouched.

'Well!how's the money holding out?' 'I've got scarcely any left,' said the painter, instinctively moving away.

How is it that out of one family one will be chosen by the Spirit of Beauty or genius, and the others so unmistakably left?

But, kicking out to the right and the left vigorously, he soon snapped the yarn, and stood free.

" Mr. Blake now distributed some silver among the men, and these, with the exception of the master of the house, soon afterward left.

There was no vim left, however.

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