41 adverbs to describe how to licking

When they had licked it up greedily, Rudolf turned his attention again to the white wolf, and this time he could not suppress an exclamation of delight.

Raffin, nervously licking his lips, sat bolt upright while members of the committee passed ropes around him and the back of his chair, and tied his hands.

The flames, soon gaining a foothold, leaped upward, catching here and there at the exposed woodwork, and licking the walls hungrily with long tongues of flame.

Well, there were three hours in which to decide ... and Moussa Isa commenced to draw, pausing, from time to time, to smile meaningly at the Brahmin, and to lick his chops suggestively.

When the runners "chaffed" him, nevertheless, it was in a mild way, and with manifest respect for his muscle,a sentiment in no way diminished when he suddenly clutched one of the least cautious among them by the nape of the neck, and held him out at arm's-length, for some seconds, over the drowny water that kept lazily licking at the green moss on the old stakes of the rickety pier.

How fondly I lick the hand hanging at her side, the hem of her dress!

Occasionally a puppy may seem to be inert and lifeless, and after repeatedly licking it the bitch may relinquish all effort at restoration and turn her attention to another that is being born.

Gray Wolf licked it sympathetically, while Kazan stood rigid and listening.

Sometimes, when She's come out of her tub with nothing on her but her skin, her soft hairless skin that I lick respectfully,She spills out more warm water, throws in a brown brick which smells of tar, and calls, "Toby!"

"We didn't do a thing to them, we youngsters, although the Varsity was licked badly.

" Longears, who was standing at the door in a contemplative attitude, fancied that his master called him, and, coming up, licked Verty's hand affectionately.

The drums rolled in menacing crescendo, the fire licked higher.

I'll lick her hand very respectfully and ever so lightly!

"She used to lick us mercilessly," the father said as if speaking chiefly to himself, and as he spoke there was a reminiscent smile on his face and not a trace of resentment in his voice.

At the sight of her mistress, poor Bell uttered so piteous a cry, that Leonard, moved by compassion, placed her on the pillow beside her, and the sagacious animal did not attempt to approach nearer, but merely licked her cheek.

With the quadrupedian capacity for measuring distance, he inferred that the blow had been inflicted by the bear, who sat some twenty feet away, mildly licking his paws.

But he couldn't lick Demijohn right there in town nohow.

The negro was a mass of white, pasty glue, and knelt on the floor, licking his hands passively.

Not in bursts of flame did they go plunging down the depths, gyrating like mad comets with long smoke-trailers and redly licking manes of fire.

To lick it sadly with tired lips, in a sort of hopeless way, was all that was left; and there was really a look in his face as though he accepted this mortal defeat, as he lay down, evidently exhausted with his exertions, on a bank nearby.

Admittedly he would have been licked in a fight with either cowboy singly.

He cheered himself up on these occasions by slyly licking the churn-dasher; but the good cheer on the dasher was a stimulant that left him more miserable than it found him.

It was a great comfort to be able to place a paw on him, or sociably lick his handfor they felt that all was well if they were but within reach of their master's touch.

The cub was licking his wound softly when he looked up in sudden alarm, and there was the great he-wolf looking at him hungrily, with a frightful flare in his green eyes.

He sure licked me, that dern son of aOh, by God, lady, you'll just hev to excuse me, please."

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