27 adverbs to describe how to limps

Thus, with lashing hoof, with whirling mace and darting sword fought they, until of the hounds there none remained save three that limped painfully to cover, licking their hurts as they went.

The beast limped badly, and had evidently got a sore hurt.

He was a man about fifty years of age, largely made about the shoulders and chest, but stooping a good deal, and limping heavily in one leg.

Baptiste limped wearily behind; both his eyes were encircled with broad, blue rings, and one cheek-bone bore the official impress of every knuckle of Colossus's left hand.

When he stepped up on the planks, he limped perceptibly.

Toes protruded from shoes, our hats were full of holes, our trousers hardly deserved the name, and we limped disgracefully.

Footsore, he limped about the streets of a spectral city, where at every corner some one seemed to lie in ambush for him, and each time the lurking enemy proved to be no other than Mrs. Weare, who gazed at him with scornful eyes and let him totter by.

Groaning, he arose and, limping forth of the cave stood in the glory of the moon, voiceless now by reason of his ever-growing terror; conscious only of his passionate desire to find again the youth whose gentle voice had cheered him often in the dark, whose high courage and tender care had never failed.

He, perceiving Beltane and Sir Benedict, limped to them forthwith and spake, albeit hoarse and brokenly.

I believe that for a moment he had it in his mind to throw the heavy portfolio away, willing to lose what he believed to be the most valuable of all the plunder that might be found, rather than miss the excitement of the chase; but, fortunately, just then John Sammons came limping back with a wound in the leg which had been inflicted by a savage whom he afterward succeeded in killing.

The latter limped gallantly toward Ruth who stared at him an instant and then flung herself away from Larry into the other man's arms.

" Bud untied the animal, who limped even more acutely than his master.

"No, they are still shooting," he answered, and limped onward, skirting the uproar.

An old woman leaning on a young girl limped piously, while the girl moved along writh downcast eyes, timid and abashed to pass before so many curious eyes.

The old woman limped pitifully to the middle, when a shrill ping rang out.

Here, you,' he continued, beckoning to a man who limped forward reluctantly from one of the side passages in which he had been standing, 'show yourself, and tell this gentleman the story you told me.' 'If it please your honour,' the fellow whimpered, 'it was no fault of mine.

They limped along silently in a straggling procession.

" She limped to the tepee with John's arm snugly about her slim waist.

A loud shout, mingled with derisive laughter, burst from the spectators, all of whom knew the Judge; and while the discomfited braggart limped sorely off, the passengers carried Douglas to the bar, where, for hours after, a general series of jollifications ensued, and he who a few days before had sat the embodiment of judicial dignity on the supreme bench now vied with a motley crowd of steamboat-passengers in song and story.

Kit's head ached, his eyes hurt, and his joints were sore; he felt strangely limp and it cost him an effort to get about.

He cried out and became swiftly limp as his comrade lowered him to the ground.

The morgue wagon pursued its way down the Rue de Rivoli, while we risked colds, croup, and everything else in an endeavour to find a "grand bain," splashing through puddles but marching steadily on, Jimmie in a somewhat strained silence limping uncomplainingly at our side.

There was no doubt about it, as he walked Groener was limping noticeably on his left foot!

'You limp adorably,' I said.

He cheerfully limps up the hill in his big felt slippers, his wife carrying the lunch basket, and a tiny black-and-tan English dog called "Missy," who is the family baby, and knows lots of tricks, trotting behind, "because," as he says, "she is so much company."

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