14 adverbs to describe how to loiter

More than as many others loitered carelessly about the decks below, somewhat similarly engaged; the whole wearing much the appearance of men who were set to perform certain immaterial tasks, more to escape the imputation of idleness than from any actual necessity that the same should be executed.

I will be bound to be Hang'd if thou hast not a hankering after Some young Wench; thou couldst never loiter Thus else; but I'll forgive thee now, and prithee go to My Lady Aminta's Lodgings; kiss her hand From me; and tell her, I am just returned from The Campain: mark that word, Sirrah.

CHAPTER XX Meanwhile, unconscious of her step-mother's troubled musings, Esther was loitering delightfully on her way from school.

He did well enough in going; but on his way home, if the truth must be told, Dick Lee loitered dreadfully.

In fact, from the lips of young Phil Stacey, who appeared, rather elaborately loitering out from behind the fountain, shortly after my new friend had departed, a peculiar look upon his extremely plain and friendly face.

790 I've played, I've danced, with my narration; I loitered long ere I began: Ye waited then on my good pleasure; Pour out indulgence still, in measure As liberal as ye can!

And I saw the truth, that she loitered gracefully among the vague and pleasant fifties.

Mate, you would have to see Nikko, with its majestic cryptomarias, sheltering the red and gold lacquer temples; you would have to feel the mystery of the gray-green avenues, and have its holy silences fall like a benediction upon a restless spirit, to realize what healing for soul and body is in the very air, to understand why I joyfully loitered for two hours and came back sane and hungry, but wet as a fish.

How oft, in boyhood's joyous day, Unmindful of the lapsing hours, I've loitered on my homeward way, By wild Ohio's bank of flowers, While some lone boatman from the deck Poured his soft numbers to that tide, As if to charm from storm and wreck The boat where all his fortunes ride!

But it is necessary to explain why Delany was so ready to arrest Tony Mathusek, and why as he dragged him into the station house he beckoned to Mr. Joey Simpkins, who was loitering outside in front of the deputy sheriff's office, and whispered behind his hand, "All right.

Constance made her way to Eleonora, who had already been perplexed and angered by more than one critical stare, as one and another man loitered past and gazed intrepidly at her.

The Wilbur twin lingered as far behind as he dared, loitering provocatively in the sight of the child stealers.

His best tales run on like one of our inland rivers, sometimes hastening a little and turning upon themselves in eddies, that dimple without retarding the current, sometimes loitering smoothly, while here and there a quiet thought, a tender feeling, a pleasant image, a golden-hearted verse, opens quietly as a water-lily to float on the surface without breaking it into ripple....

But our little bark On a strong river boldly hath been launched; 560 And from the driving current should we turn To loiter wilfully within a creek, Howe'er attractive, Fellow voyager!

14 adverbs to describe how to  loiter  - Adverbs for  loiter