52 words to describe how to  looms  - Adverbs for  looms

52 words to describe how to looms

I like the originality of the idea; I'm pleased with the difficulties I see looming ahead; I'm quite sure my girls will rise to every occasion and prove their grit."

Suddenly a great black object loomed up before him.

A moment later the fogs parted to show us the cliffs looming startlingly near.

Beyond, through that opening upon the bay, is a castle looming darkly against the sky, with massive towers and arched gateway.

Immediately on their heels followed a man in his usual outdoor clothes, who accompanied them on a haut-boy with queer, snorting notes, and nodded to his friends as he perceived their faces dimly looming in the light of the flickering candles carried by acolytes behind him.

He went to the waiting engine in front of a long row of ballast cars, on which a big gravel plough loomed faintly in the dark.

"The view of that bluff is Italian;" said our heroine, pointing down the river at a noble headland of rock, that loomed grandly in the soft haze of the tranquil atmosphere.

Plainly he had his whole heart wrapped up in the successful outcome of this odd venture; and when the clouds began to loom up overhead this proffered assistance on the part of the four chums was gratefully received.

There were no moose looming duskily in the shallows, to be done to death at their banquet.

We crossed the broad entrance into Queenborough Harbour, where the dim bulk of a couple of battleships loomed up vaguely through the haze.

Dawn was at hand, a glimmering mist wherein vague forms moved, what time Walkyn, looming ghostly and gigantic in the mist, mustered his silent, ghostly company ere, lifting his axe, he turned and vanished, his fifty phantoms at his heels.

The huge, grim pile of stone known as Peronne Castle loomed ominously on the opposite side of the small town.

They looked upon her mystic, glistening hill-tops, and down her awful craters; and from these they seemed to drop a little, as a bird might, and alight on the earth-mountains looming close at hand, with their huge, rough crests and sides, and sheer escarpments white with nakedness; and sogot home again.

Presently a large caravan looms out of the duskfifty or sixty camels and half a dozen men.

Somehow we loom larger here than at Cape Armitage.

However, as the entire film functions as the ultimate break-up movie -- with a superhero spin -- the romance that looms largest over the entire story is the one she infamously had with the Joker.

Buildings loomed majestically out of the night; sometimes it was the tower of an unknown church, sometimes it was the house of some forgotten family that sprang suggestively to the eye, and I was grateful that I was left to suppose the indefinite type of Austrian bureau, which occupied, in all probability, the first floor.

General Hospital spoilers say Peter’s exposure is looming no matter what, so that’s something to look forward to.

The shadows on the second floor lengthened and grew grayer; they thickened in the corners; pieces of furniture grew vague and monstrous as the darkness began to cling to them and their outlines became lost; suits of armor loomed menacingly out of the gloom, the last rays of light striking palely upon helm or gorget; hideous gods of wood and stone smiled evilly at the two watchers.

Through the mysterious atmosphere figures loomed mistily, then vanished into the gloom.

Last and most disturbing, was the individual looming mysteriously in the background, the inexplicable man who lived in Werter Road, and whose identity would be decided by the judgment in the case of Witt v. Parfitts.

And suddenly a grim, black figure loomed up nearby.

Thirty-five miles north of Guadaloupe looms the island called Montserrat, which is forty miles in circumference, and is dominated by a very lofty mountain.

Mr. Speaker, eventually he did come to the Province, and along with myself, convened a news conference in the Radisson Hotel and announced, at that time, their plans to tackle the problem that was obviously looming ominously.

However picturesquely Frémont for the moment loomed up as the standard-bearer of the Republican party, historical interest centers upon the second act of the Philadelphia Convention.

The date of the trek is looming up very quickly and once Six Nations is over, it will be time to go to Morocco, she explained.

The cloud-masses were looming rapidly.

In the distance the mountains seen before loomed up romantically; they looked very high when one saw them through the thick clouds and masses of fog which passed over them from time to time and occasionally allowed us to catch glimpses of their mighty peaks and their broken glaciers.

There loomed silently and swiftly the Laughing Lass.

That desert flower of a day, in its isolation and fragility, yet its unquenchable spirit to live, was as great to me as the tremendous reddening bulk of the Funeral Mountains looming so sinisterly over me.

After a time a dark rim loomed slowly up out of the sea.

But Judah and Reuben do not come in for unlimited censure, since these sons of Leah sought to save their brother from a violent death; and subsequently in Egypt Judah looms up as a magnanimous character, whom we admire almost as much as we do Joseph himself.

The wind rushed past his ears as they pitched downward; and just when objects on the ground loomed up suggestively there was the expected sudden shift of the lever, a consequent change in the pointing of the plane's nose, and then they found themselves on the new level, with the motor again humming merrily.

I wish I could send you a sketch of that gloomy hill at the foot of which Victoria lies, as it loomed sullenly in the dusky morning, its crest wreathed with clouds, and its cheeks wrinkled by white lines that marked the track of the descending torrents.

As three of the horses were tired out, Gregory determined to follow this river up for a day or two, instead of closing with a range of granite hills, capped with horizontal sandstones, which loomed threateningly in their path.

Suddenly, as the devoted four followed their leader, the first station, the farm-house at which they were to report, loomed unexpectedly upon the horizon, approached in some unknown way by Tug, who was threading his way through the wilderness with more regard for straight lines than for progress.

For a time silence and immutability possessed the woods; the great trunks loomed upwards, their fallen brothers stretched their slow length into obscurity.

Far westward, on the line of blue That meets the pearly sky, There looms up large a stranger sail, A sail both broad and high; And as she near and nearer draws She hovers like a bird, And strains of music from her deck Upon the air are heard.

Though I devoted all the readings to this topic last summer, yet it loomed up wonderfully in this resumé.

"That ten dollars apiece looms up large David, little giant," murmured Dan Dalzell, while the evening meal was in progress.

The promise of work ahead for the right man loomed more brightly than ever before in his exciting career.

And, positing Bill Blaikie’s rule of thumb, we could also hypothesize that rush legislation becomes more likely in the face of major political pressures, which certainly loomed large, both domestically and internationally, in the case of Bill C-36.

And yet, in spite of this specter that was constantly looming up before me, I could never have believed that life held such happiness as was contained in those dream days of love.

The gleaming black rampart of a large vessel's side had suddenly loomed up dead ahead of him.

But as they neared the house the major's unyielding disposition loomed up formidably.

To say that the dark, lumbering cupboard, standing normally against the wall down there in the shadows, loomed suddenly forward and upward, bent, twisted, and stretched out the whole of one side towards him like a misshapen arm, can convey nothing of the world of new sensations that the little secretary felt while actually watching it in progress in that haunted chamber of Skale's mansion among the hills.

She had believedoh, how much in vain!that she had come to all the hard places and waded through them, but here there was looming up another, fully as hard, perhaps harder, because it was not so tangible and, therefore, harder to face and fight.

The brush loomed heavier.

Certain "considerations," however, loom inconclusively upon this issuerather like interested spectators of a street fight in a fog.

" Now it was undoubtedly a fine sentiment this of Müller's, and had we but fetched my two Napoleons before starting, I should have applauded it to the echo; but when I considered that something very nearly approaching to a franc had already filtered out of our pockets in passing through the fair, and that the hour of dinner was looming somewhat indefinitely in the distance, I confess that my soul became disquieted within me.