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272 adverbs to describe how to  manned  - Adverbs for  manned

272 adverbs to describe how to manned

And the men inside kept silent as the grave.

"There's a man outside.

A really strong man he can scarcely be; scarcely a man of true political insight, else he would not have tried to play the despot with no plausible ideal to allege in defense of his usurpation.

Not merely men, but money and military stores, were drained to the utmost, and if the armies of that year should be swept off by a repetition of the slaughters of Thrasymene and Cannae all felt that Rome would cease to exist.

During the dog watches, often, every man aboard would be below, for at that period Captain Selover loved to take the wheel in person, a thick cigar between his lips, the dingy checked shirt wide open to expose his hairy chest to the breeze.

The stealthy footsteps which belong to those who minister to the dead passed up and down the great house, Jason was setting out the simple "funeral baked meats" which are considered appropriate to the occasion, and Mr. Wordley paced up and down the hall with his hands behind his back, listening to the undertaker's men upstairs, and glancing through the window in expectation of the carriage which had been sent for Mr. John Heron.

All three midshipmen, the "man overboard" and his two willing, would-be rescuers, were silently conceded to be drowned.

" "And what would ye here?" "Sir, I am a masterless man henceforth, for an I hang not men for Sir Pertolepe, so will Sir Pertolepe assuredly hang me.

He was pre-eminently a conscientious man, not allowing his feelings to sway his judgment.

" The carriage stands before the door; They enterone, two, three; The deacon says, "There's room for more Enough for Parson G." The parson was a portly man The deacon loved to joke; But afterwards, as it befell, Was sorry that he spoke.

" "Go where?" "Holy Cross," said the old man eagerly.

10.In Greek, there is no article corresponding to our an or a, consequently man and a man are rendered alike; the word, [Greek: anthropos] may mean either.

The excellent works of the Federal commander bristled with artillery, and were heavily manned.

Jake Stahl was a member of that team, and except for the absence of Stahl in 1911, the champions of 1912 were composed of practically the same men who finished in the second division only the year before.

As a result of this, and as Simoun reported that the tulisanes were well provided with shotguns, rifles, and revolvers, and against such persons one man alone, no matter how well armed, could not defend himself, his Excellency, to prevent the tulisanes from getting weapons in the future, was about to dictate a new decree forbidding the introduction of sporting arms.

And thou hast goodly men-at-arms!

"I say, Kelson," he went on, addressing a tall, soldierly man who strolled up, "a nice thing has happened; the train has gone off with my evening clothes.

These loves, viz., of one man to another, and of one woman to another, do not enter deeply into the bosom, but remain without, and only touch each other; thus they do not interiorly conjoin the two parties: wherefore also two men, by their mutual reasonings, sometimes engage in combat together like two wrestlers; and two women, by their mutual concupiscences, are at war with each other like two prize-fighters.

Well, a few nights later I saw you dining with a man whom I know slightly, a clever fellow, distinctly a man of the world.

The Turks enjoin all men whatsoever, of what degree, to be of some trade or other, the Grand Signior himself is not excused.

" "If you want to know, I'm a tramp," said the man, bitterly.

[Footnote A: "The select-men" of each town annually give notice, that at such a time and place, they will proceed to sell the poor of said town.

There was much, it is true, that could not be put down, and he was always so exclusively an active business man that mere literary memoranda never attracted his attention; they were not adverse to his tastes.

When will he come to heal its smart? Ye princely men who with him mate, Say, mark ye not his virtuous way.

He made war on measures rather than on men personally, regarding the latter as of temporary importance, of passing interest.

"Do you surrender yourself, Merton?" demanded the young man, sternly, advancing toward him.

"A letter came from the war, Marine, So kind: A letter came from the war, Marine, So kind: A while I wept for the good man dead, But another good man in a while I wed, All so kind.

"So am I," said the little man, cheerfully.

'As to what will affect her happiness in this world, sir,' said the old man very gravely, 'I think you can hardly be a judge.' 'Good repute,' suggested the clergyman.

Leaving one hand to secure the scuttle, we should have been just a man apiece for those on deck; and I make no doubt the project would have succeeded, had it been attempted in that mode.

Why don't you speak?" "Because, master," said the man softly, "I was afraid you couldn't bear it, for I was a father once and my son died, and though you never knew me, I knew you, and was sorry when the news came that your little boy was killed.

"My son," said the old man solemnly, "died six years ago, and he can never, never," the second word rang grimly out, "be raised from the dead.

"This courteous reception quite outdoes us of Italy; for I doubt if there be a man south of the Alps, who would be willing to condemn either of our seas to so overwhelming a punishment, for a fault so venial, or at least so natural.

As we went on I could see the face of the young man opposite brighten with interest.

" The other said not a word, but he glared upon Robin with a wicked and baleful look, such as a fierce dog bestows upon a man ere it springs at his throat.

There was, in fact, a striking parallel between these two old men, the one so ignorant, the other so essentially a man of culture, in that they were both humanitarians in a high sense.

"The gentlemanly curator of the side-show always says of the wild man thoughtfully, 'I believe he has a few photographs for sale.'

The man who is indicted and executed as a rebel, often afterward has the word "Savior" carved on his tomb; and sometimes men who are hailed as saviors in their day are afterward found to be sham saviorsto wit, charlatans.

Fair Carrollton was fortified (on those lines laid out by Hilary), and down at Camp Callender the siege-guns were manned by new cannoneers; persistently and indolently new and without field-pieces or brass music or carriage company.

Verily a selfish man, I!" "Not so, master, indeed" "So now will we halt, and thou shalt to thy rest.

He was not a great leader, not a statesman at all, but plainly a man of determination, with a fair measure of intelligence and sincerity.

On the 16th of March, 1860, the most destructive fire that had ever occurred in St. Paul broke out in a small wooden building on Third street near Jackson, and though the entire fire departmentthree engines and one truck, manned by one hundred menwere promptly on hand, the flames rapidly got beyond their reach.

"The man's obviously an idiot," I said, "and I am going to tell him so.

" Heabani eyed Khumbaba, nor replied Before the Queen, who wrung her hands and cried; And Izdubar continued: "He, of war, It seems, doth lack in skill, and from afar He scents the battle, while his fighting men Their raids oft make, and here return again; His castle we may enter without fear, And thou his queen mayst have who standeth here,

"I'll give you forty dollars for the dog," said the muddy man sulkily to the Boy.

"What is it?" "Well, never you mind," said the old man sullenly, and went to bed again.

' 'Ah, we shall have 'em in August and September,' said the old man, cheerily.

But damn the man with curses loud, and deep, who first inventedearly rising.

very good!" said the old man testily, as he took the implement.

if I be dispos'd To man her forth, who shall find fault with it?

It's commonest at race-meetings but you'll find it anywhere in the world where vagrant men of means foregather.

A semely man our hoste was with alle For to han ben a marshal in an halle; A large man he was eyen stepe, A fairer burgeys is ther noon in Chepe; Bold of his speche and wys, and wel y-taught, And of manhod him lakkede right naught.

In plays of the type of The Worst Woman in London, it appears to be an absolute canon of art that every act must have a "happy ending"that the curtain must always fall on the hero, or, preferably, the comic man, in an attitude of triumph, while the villain and villainess cower before him in baffled impotence.

I can no longer retain affection for a Government so evilly manned as it is now-a-days.

Monotonously the man behind the Winchester whipped bullet after bullet into the rocky face of the slide in the immediate vicinity of Racey Dawson and the senseless burden in the crook of his left arm.

" "When I've seen Florrie," said the young man, firmly.

They scarcely eat of any kind of flesh except that of men, in the use of which they exceed every thing that is brutal and savage among mankind; devouring their enemies, whether slain or taken prisoners, both men and women indiscriminately, in the most ferocious manner that can be conceived.

"It makes me think," he answered her at once, his eyes on the haze caught like a dream in the tender green of the budding trees,"it makes me think of a half-naked, sweating man, far underground in black night, striking at a rock with a pick.

Every ordinary device of similar scenes had been resorted to, by the men aloft, to annoy their less advantageously posted shipmates beneath; and such means of retaliation had been adopted as use or facility rendered obvious.

"Yes, a practical man, undoubtedly, but highly educated.

The Major, by his usual skilful diplomacy, soon arranged that we should man Claud permanently, but Ascot never.

"What did you think I was coughing like that forfun?" "I forgot it," said the old man, doggedly.

On approaching the place, he found about a hundred men ashore, all well armed, and seemingly governed by a sort of military authority.

Nor was this all, for he could get no sleep, but woke up with a horrid dream, in which, so he informed Heer Roosten, he saw continually a tall man with a coppery face and black beard draw the bed-curtains and mock him.

He was generally admitted to be the best man physically, in the employ of Russell, Majors & Waddell; and of his bravery there was not a doubt.

'Tis therefore exitiosus error, et maxime periculosus, a most perilous and dangerous error of all others, as Plutarch holds, turbulenta passio hominem consternans, a pestilent, a troublesome passion, that utterly undoeth men.

I'm a good mana jolly man, he, he, he! LYUBร“V GORDร‰YEVNA.

It was a hearkening back in the age-dimmed mental fabric of Thor's race to the earliest days of manman, first of all, with the club; man with the spear hardened in fire; man with the flint-tipped arrow; man with the trap and the deadfall, and, lastly, man with the gun.

" "He is one who has loved you long, lady," said the man, sadly, speaking ever in that made and husky voice (wonderful actor that he was by nature!), which he sustained so well that, had I not unmistakably identified him, it might have imposed on my ear as real.

"An' the best thing, too, my lad," said the old man, warmly.

"Why have you wished to meet me, Harpstenah?" said the young man, gloomily.

"And there is no law to prevent my giving you a beating," said the young man, angrily.

The British, on the other hand, subject their normal human impulse to be greedy, and their educated craving to be gentlemanly white man's burden-bearers, to a process of compromise.

"Send them away," said the young man, wearily.

Happily man cannot so place his brother that his misery will continue unmitigated.

She swept down upon him in forcetongue wagging at both ends "You naughty, naughty man!"

In the year 1830, or thereabouts, a traveller on the frontier settlements of Illinois (if a traveller was ever known in those dreary regions) might have seen a tall, gaunt, awkward, homely, sad-looking young man of twenty-one, clothed in a suit of brown jean dyed with walnut-bark, hard at work near a log cabin on the banks of the river Sangamon,a small stream emptying into the Illinois River.

I'm giving you a bit of psychologyshowing you the point of view of the worm writhing beneath the boot of lordly Man.

Merchant-men are invariably manned with the least possible number, and often go to sea shorthanded, even according to the parsimonious calculations of their owners.

The shaggy-maned herds of unwieldy buffalothe bison as they should be calledhad beaten out broad roads through the forest, and had furrowed the prairies with trails along which they had travelled for countless generations.

"I can't say," said the man, doubtfully.

Except that trains ran by endlessly, bearing wounded men north, and fresh troops and fresh supplies south, the river shore was empty and silent.

Dally man dead man.

With her usual foresight she perceived that the Izji, for instance, was a thing to encourage, for the boys who were being trained now would in a few years be precisely the young men of whom she could not have too many.

And so it is,-not because men nowadays, if they were put to it, could not, on the average, write as good letters as ever (the average although we certainly have no Lambs, and perhaps no Walpoles or Southeys to raise it, would probably be higher), but because the conditions that call for and develop the epistolary art have largely passed away.

For a man habitually to stint his dependents in their food, is the extreme of meanness and cruelty, and the greatest evidence he can give of utter indifference to their comfort.

In the joy of an old man's heart he had already that afternoon told the truth to each and every man separately, as a secret too deep for them to reveal, but too sweet for him to keep.

We wish for some one, who has prudence and skillone, who will go round the countrywho will find out where these men livewhere they meet and form their plans.

" "O Jocelyn!" cried Winfrida breathlessly, "O dear my lordsurely never man loved like thee!

very well!" said the old man, loudly.

He was a tino tangata (a very manemphatically a man).

In the village, the head mangenerally the most influential man in the communityalso acts with the Tokedar, helping him to get ploughs, bullocks, and coolies when these are wanted; and under him, the village chowkeydar, or watchman, sees that stray cattle do not get into the fields, that the roads, bridges and fences are not damaged, and so on.

Dr. Routh was a remarkable man, a learned man, perhaps a pious manundeniably, when he came to die, an old manbut he was no better than his colleagues.

"Well, I declare!" said the little man, merrily; "didn't I warn you, Louise, not to try to saddle a murder onto my new farm?

" Is not a man metaphysically and mathematically number one, a unit, and therefore whole number, governed and protected by his divine Principle, God?

You may if you please (he wrote) largely reduce the staff, and more moderately the men, leaving the remainder in the best barracks.

Contrarily, if a man and woman mutually, persistently, and decidedly dislike each other, it indicates that they could only bring into the world a badly organised, discordant, and unhappy being.

"He does not suspect?" said the man, a little nervously.

But the new consul Publius Claudius considered the task of maintaining the investment of Lilybaeum too trifling: he preferred to change once more the plan of operations, and with his numerous newly-manned vessels suddenly to surprise the Carthaginian fleet which was waiting in the neighbouring harbour of Drepana.

So he put on the clothes, and, still raging and swearing vengeance against all the cobblers in Derbyshire, he set forth upon his way afoot; but his ills had not yet done with him, for he had not gone far ere he fell into the hands of the King's men, who marched him off, willy-nilly, to Tutbury Town and the Bishop of Hereford.