272 adverbs to describe how to manned

And the men inside kept silent as the grave.

"There's a man outside.

A really strong man he can scarcely be; scarcely a man of true political insight, else he would not have tried to play the despot with no plausible ideal to allege in defense of his usurpation.

Not merely men, but money and military stores, were drained to the utmost, and if the armies of that year should be swept off by a repetition of the slaughters of Thrasymene and Cannae all felt that Rome would cease to exist.

During the dog watches, often, every man aboard would be below, for at that period Captain Selover loved to take the wheel in person, a thick cigar between his lips, the dingy checked shirt wide open to expose his hairy chest to the breeze.

The stealthy footsteps which belong to those who minister to the dead passed up and down the great house, Jason was setting out the simple "funeral baked meats" which are considered appropriate to the occasion, and Mr. Wordley paced up and down the hall with his hands behind his back, listening to the undertaker's men upstairs, and glancing through the window in expectation of the carriage which had been sent for Mr. John Heron.

All three midshipmen, the "man overboard" and his two willing, would-be rescuers, were silently conceded to be drowned.

" "And what would ye here?" "Sir, I am a masterless man henceforth, for an I hang not men for Sir Pertolepe, so will Sir Pertolepe assuredly hang me.

He was pre-eminently a conscientious man, not allowing his feelings to sway his judgment.

" The carriage stands before the door; They enterone, two, three; The deacon says, "There's room for more Enough for Parson G." The parson was a portly man The deacon loved to joke; But afterwards, as it befell, Was sorry that he spoke.

" "Go where?" "Holy Cross," said the old man eagerly.

10.In Greek, there is no article corresponding to our an or a, consequently man and a man are rendered alike; the word, [Greek: anthropos] may mean either.

The excellent works of the Federal commander bristled with artillery, and were heavily manned.

Jake Stahl was a member of that team, and except for the absence of Stahl in 1911, the champions of 1912 were composed of practically the same men who finished in the second division only the year before.

As a result of this, and as Simoun reported that the tulisanes were well provided with shotguns, rifles, and revolvers, and against such persons one man alone, no matter how well armed, could not defend himself, his Excellency, to prevent the tulisanes from getting weapons in the future, was about to dictate a new decree forbidding the introduction of sporting arms.

And thou hast goodly men-at-arms!

"I say, Kelson," he went on, addressing a tall, soldierly man who strolled up, "a nice thing has happened; the train has gone off with my evening clothes.

These loves, viz., of one man to another, and of one woman to another, do not enter deeply into the bosom, but remain without, and only touch each other; thus they do not interiorly conjoin the two parties: wherefore also two men, by their mutual reasonings, sometimes engage in combat together like two wrestlers; and two women, by their mutual concupiscences, are at war with each other like two prize-fighters.

Well, a few nights later I saw you dining with a man whom I know slightly, a clever fellow, distinctly a man of the world.

The Turks enjoin all men whatsoever, of what degree, to be of some trade or other, the Grand Signior himself is not excused.

" "If you want to know, I'm a tramp," said the man, bitterly.

[Footnote A: "The select-men" of each town annually give notice, that at such a time and place, they will proceed to sell the poor of said town.

There was much, it is true, that could not be put down, and he was always so exclusively an active business man that mere literary memoranda never attracted his attention; they were not adverse to his tastes.

When will he come to heal its smart? Ye princely men who with him mate, Say, mark ye not his virtuous way.

He made war on measures rather than on men personally, regarding the latter as of temporary importance, of passing interest.

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