52 adverbs to describe how to masters

Another argument of still greater importance is, that the knowledge of languages has scarcely ever been mastered, but by those, the commencement of whose acquaintance with them was early.

It is said, as the people are virtually masters in a Republic, that the people ought to be virtuous to rule well.

" Lupton, in his "Notable Things," tells us that, "If a fir-tree be touched, withered, or burned with lightning, it signifies that the master or mistress thereof shall shortly die.

Wherefore, sweet master, for saint Charity, Since they are bound, deliver them to me, That for my son's blood I reveng'd may be.

His terms were refused and the meeting broke up; but Henry remained practically master of the situation.

But the battle was decisive, and made Alfred once more master of England south of the Thames.

My father, though merely a ship-master, was one of the better class; and he had imbibed many notions, in the course of his different voyages, that placed him much in advance of the ordinary habits of his day and country.

But who shall tell me of thee, and how thyself shouldst be treated, Thou the only son of the house, and henceforth my master?"

The fronds differ very widely in form and a great many varieties have been pointed out, but the fern student, having first learned to identify the species, will gradually master the few leading varieties as he meets them.

"I hope that you'll carry it a long time," said the harbour-master, gracefully.

"Well," said his master, sharply.

XXII ON RE-READING WALTER PATER It is with no small satisfaction, and with a sense of reassurance of which one may, in moods of misgiving, have felt the need during two decades of the Literature of Noise, that one sees a writer so pre-eminently a master of the Literature of Meditation coming, for all the captains and the shouting, so surely into his own.

"And not Greek, Peter," said his master, gravely.

"You sing well," said the master, impatiently, to his best pupil, "but you will never sing divinely until you have given your all for love, and then been neglected and rejected, and scorned and beaten, and left for dead.

Nevertheless" "Men of your character are useful, in places," said the Master, incisively.

"A little worry beats a funeral," Billy retorted sententiously, instinctively mastering the situation because she was a woman and he must take care of her.

They were kind masters to the slaves,for slavery still prevailed.

Think you that I can believe you, If when having in this garment Sought you out to train and teach you, In the Christian faith and practice, Until deep theology You most learnedly have mastered; If, when having seen your progress, Your attention and exactness, I in secret gave you baptism, Which its mark indelibly stampeth;

She lifted the burden that had pressed so heavily upon her friend, and manfully mastered every difficulty that arose.

With a much larger force in the colonies themselves the king was confidently expected to master his unruly subjects, no matter how much they proclaimed their independence.

He had been eloquent enough, in his free youth, against the conventions of his class; yet when the moment came to show his contempt for them they had mysteriously mastered him, deflecting his course like some hidden hereditary failing.

Within her wilfulness she had been frightened by a sense of subtler force in him, and mystically mastered as she had never been before.

If France had sent to her possessions in America as many colonists as she sent soldiers to war for petty townships in Germany and Italy, the French would now be masters of half the territory north of the Rio Grande.

It is not the composition of a master, the language of art, painfully and entirely exact, but is the wild, capricious melody of nature, pathetic or brilliant, like the roundelay of innumerable birds whistling all about you, in the wind and water, sky and air, or the coquetting of a river breeze over the fine string's of an Aeolian harp, concealed among green, leaves and apple blossoms.

For they were palpably masters in their environment.

52 adverbs to describe how to  masters  - Adverbs for  masters
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