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When I apply the former term, I merely mean to say that as a matter of fact, the form B, so named, is intermediate between the others, in the sense in which the Anoplotherium is intermediate between the Pigs and the Ruminantswithout either affirming, or denying, any direct genetic relation between the three forms involved.

To distract, means literally to pull a thing two different wayseven to pull it asunder.

She wore boating clothes and had obviously meant to go on the lake.

"To Cherry Corners, of course," answered Chet in a tone which very plainly meant, "why ask such a foolish question?"

In "Let us wash up the things" it likely means dishes or clothes.

Potts meanwhile was shaking the Big Chimney boss by the hand and saying, "Awfully sorry we can't take you on with us;" adding lower: "We had a mighty mean time after you lit out.

Though opposed by all the papal authority and resources; though Sixtus by turns threatened, cajoled, entreated, promised, in order to prevent Lorenzo having any success, the successor of St. Peter was beaten all along the line, and the Magnifico carried away with him a treaty, signed and sealed, which practically meant that henceforth Naples and the papacy would be in antagonistic camps.

This fable, undoubtedly means no more, than that this child, said to spring from the clod of earth, was a youth of a very mean and obscure birth, but it is not known whether he was the author of it, or whether he learnt it of the Greeks or any other nations.

This may probably furnish precisely that tangible means of relation with some one acquainted with the conspiracy for which we have sought in vain.

That would inevitably mean Spartacism from the Urals to the Rhine, with its inevitable consequence of a huge red army attempting to cross the Rhine.

But he had honestly meant to devote himself to his mother, according to his lights, had Sarah's influence not come in the way.

"Metropolis" strictly means mother city, not chief city.

A big old house, all full of other people's ghosts.' 'Ghosts?' 'I mean figuratively.

Such a situation almost invariably means distress to the family, and to the relinquished church of the person the form of whose faith has altered.

Whatsoever else that may mean, it certainly means thisthat the king intended to treat these men, not as his slaves, but as his guests and friends.

"Call me cut" meant commonly nothing more than Falstaff's "call me horse"; but as applied to Sporus the term "cutt-boy" was literally correct.

The fact that the same legislature passed afterward a resolution, though by no means unanimously, that Congress does not possess the power, abates not a tittle of the testimony in the first resolution.

The words, "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," assuredly meant only the white population.

"I sure didn't mean to trip youbut maybe my foot might of slipped out a little and" "Slipped out!"

But there is no doubt that on its political side it means primarily the gradual substitution of a state of peace for a state of war.

Europe making common cause against the peoples that are not Europe; Europe carrying her domination round the worldis that what Tasso and Camoens ultimately mean?

These local names mean very little, for, as a matter of policy, men from all parts of Italy are mixed indiscriminately together in each Brigade.

"I do think," said Marian, "it's awfully mean of Helen Preston to insist on having a bazaar.

I told you, when I spoke of the earthquakes of the Holy Land, that it seems as if God had meant specially to train that strange people the Jews, by putting them into a country where they MUST trust him, or become cowards and helpless; that so they might learn not to fear the powers of Nature which the heathen worshipped, but to fear him the living God.

For this cause Saul never loved David after that day, ne never looked on him friendly but ever sought means afterward to destroy David, for he dreaded that David should be lord with him, and put him from him.

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