54 adverbs to describe how to melted

But because they melted gradually from the foot of the range upward, the lower lakes were the first to see the light and the first to be obliterated.

Send lobster or shrimp sauce and plain melted butter to table with it.

It is melted by the ardor of companionship as swiftly as it is spun by the loom of adversity.

Her attire was fashionable enough to justify such a post, and her pale soft-cheeked face, with puffy eye-lids and drooping mouth, suggested a partially-melted wax figure which had run to double-chin.

Glazing is done by brushing melted jelly over the article to be glazed and letting it cool, and then adding another coat, or in some cases two or three, this makes any cold meats or poultry have an elegant appearance.

The waves purpled and silvered, and broke into a mist like powdered amber, the blue distances melted softly, the white sand glittered, the gulls were chattering shrilly.

She melted, visibly, like a fragment left on the curb by the iceman, whenever Paulaturned the current on.

He stared at the two, raised a hand to his head as though to rub away the dream, found a pain too real for a dream, and then, like a crab which has grown almost too old to walk, waddled on hands and knees, slowly, from the room and melted silently into the dark beyond.

If we stand, at this time, on a moderate elevation affording a view of a wooded swamp rising into upland and melting imperceptibly into mountain landscape, we obtain a fair sight of the different assemblages of species, as distinguished by their tints.

I 'ad to walk all the way, and, by the time I got there, I was 'arf melted.

Then had come a number of lean years when few shipping companies earned a dividend and the line's capital steadily melted.

To her, before whom difficulties had heretofore invariably melted, it seemed equally clear that there must be a way out of an unbearable situation.

"If he lament she melts herselfe in teares; If he be glad she triumphs; if he stirre

In her life of plains and prairies Sylvia had never been upon a great height, had never looked down and away upon such reaches of far valley, such glorious masses of sunlit mountain; and beyond them, giving wings to the imagination, were mountains, more mountains, distant, incalculably distant, with unseen hollow valleys between; and finally, mountains again, half cloud, melting indistinguishably into the vaporous haze of the sky.

A thousand kindly and courteous acts,a thousand faces that melted individually out of my recollection as the April snow melts, but only to steal away and find the beds of flowers whose roots are memory, but which blossom in poetry and dreams.

The floating gossip and ill-nature of the little village never affected them; it melted away insensibly in the presence of their cultivated minds; and so friendship with them was a bond of union among all, and from the vicar to the dairyman every one loved and respected them, asked their counsel, and sought their sympathy.

To her, before whom difficulties had heretofore invariably melted, it seemed equally clear that there must be a way out of an unbearable situation.

No words of sympathy however touching, no advice however wise and good, no act however kind could have melted Joe as the tears of that true-hearted girl.

This and a few matches or a little tobacco on parting, is all he looks for in return for shelter, room for beds on the floor, snow-water laboriously melted, use of the fire, and as much wood as they like to burn, even if it is a barren place, and fuel is the precious far-travelled "drift.

Coffee has become colonized in France and America; the Pipe is a cosmopolite, and his blue, joyous breath congeals under the Arctic Circle, or melts languidly into the soft airs of the Polynesian Isles; but the Bath, that sensuous elysium which cradled the dreams of Plato, and the visions of Zoroaster, and the solemn meditations of Mahomet, is only to be found under an Oriental sky.

Lastly, melt the nutter and add.

Meantime, the tallow of the buffalo had been melted in a large kettle, and the pemmican bags prepared.

This is merely melted butter with a few pickled capers simmered in it, or they may be put into a sauce made of broth thickened with egg, and a little flour.

But now so mighty, melts away That earth no life which earth has known From the last silence can delay!

Faux pas are told in such a modest way, The affair of Colonel B with Mrs. A You must forgive themfor what is there, say, Which such a pliant Vowel must not grant To such a very pressing Consonant? Or who poetic justice dares dispute, When, mildly melting at a lover's suit, The wife's a Liquid, her good man a Mute?

54 adverbs to describe how to  melted  - Adverbs for  melted
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