15 adverbs to describe how to might

And so I have told to you how Sir Tristram travelled, that you might, perchance, find pleasure in the thought thereof.

Undoubtedly he might; but the pious man was unwilling to put himself in opposition to God.

I will not quarrel with the obscurity of this phrase, though I justly might: but beg his pardon, if I do not rightly understand him.

We might, firstly, demur to any actions of our statesmen being classed with the treacherous aggressions of Frederick of Prussia, nor did many years of her husband's reign pass over before the greatest of English ministers proposed and concluded a treaty between the two countries, which he fondly and wisely hoped would lay the foundations of a better understanding, if not of a lasting peace, between the two countries.

And, in my anguish, I thought on thee, and sent to thee Sir Benedict, and watched thee wrestle, and at stroke of sword, and praised God for thy goodly might and strength.

He safely might old troops to battle lead, Against th'unwarlike Persian and the Mede, Whose hasty flight did, from a bloodless field, More spoils than honour to the victor yield.

They had the sensation of being foreigners to the house; they could not even mount the steps without his protection; scarcely might they in decency examine the frontage of the house.

Their power would be great whenever they might choose to exert it; but if this monopoly were regularly renewed every fifteen or twenty years on terms proposed by themselves, they might seldom in peace put forth their strength to influence elections or control the affairs of the nation.

own ignorant self, thou mightest nevertheless be so fortunate as to escape punishment: not knowing, as it seems to me, that such a state of ignorance and blindfold rashness, even if Tartarus were a dream of the poets or the priests, is in itself the most fearful of punishments?" P.

"Truethere might.

Whatever might be the risk of again uniting herself with her husband, whatever might be the mortification and misery which it might ultimately, or even speedily, entail upon her, there was no unhappiness that she could herself experience, which for one moment she could put in competition with the existence of her child.

I endeavoured to sleep, that I might for awhile, forget my torments; and my wearied frame yielded for awhile to slumber.

Love, which I hid till I had set you free, And bought your pardon with my liberty; That done, I thought, I less unjustly might With Montezuma, for Orazia, fight; He has prevailed, and I must now confess His fortune greater, not my passion less; Yet cannot yield you, till his sword remove A dying rival, that holds fast his love.

" "You might," bitterly, "but I doubt it!"

Roolette might jest set me up proper, but then, dontcherknow, it might not, And I fear I should come back cleared out, if my luck didn't land me a pot.

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